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  2. <html newsdate="2011-01-04" type="newsletter">
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  4. <head>
  5. <title>FSFE Newsletter - January 2011</title>
  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - January 2011</h1>
  9. <h2>Robots, Football, and Education</h2>
  10. <p>Their mission is to bring Free Software into schools
  11. and universities. Their new task is to gather information about <a
  12. href="">their
  13. stakeholders</a>, and <a href="/about/printable/printable.html">create
  14. targeted leaflets</a>. And I am sure the favourite colour of the
  15. coordinators <a href="">Thomas
  16. Jensch</a> and <a href="">Guido Arnold</a>
  17. is <a href="">Fellowship</a> green. That's <a
  18. href="/freesoftware/education/education.html">our education team</a>.</p>
  19. <p>Can robots help with that? We think they can. Our education team had
  20. <a
  21. href="">a
  22. first meeting</a> to get trained in giving programming workshops using
  23. freedroidz robots. We want to teach pupils how to program, show them
  24. that it's good to share and co-operate, and explain Free Software to
  25. their teachers, parents, and
  26. politicians.</p>
  27. <p>And what about football? Regular readers might remember that Guido
  28. Arnold is running a parallel tournament to the football championship in
  29. Europe 2012 where the discipline is Free Software usage in government.
  30. So every time there is a football match, Guido starts a Free Software
  31. match between them, while a huge part is of course the government's
  32. education policy. Read <a
  33. href="">Guido's blog</a>
  34. to find out why Russia is a hot candidate for the European champion, but
  35. why we need more information on Eastern European countries.</p>
  36. <h2>Public institutions - hares or snails?</h2>
  37. <p>Already, 203 public institutions have removed advertisements for
  38. proprietary PDF readers from their websites. Particularly outstanding
  39. were the responses from Croatia, Russia and Slovenia. In Croatia all
  40. except one reported institution deleted the advertisement. Half of those
  41. contacted in Russia and Slovenia fulfilled FSFE's request. Amongst the
  42. public institutions are ministries, parliaments, law enforcement
  43. agencies, local governments, and other administrations.</p>
  44. <p>With <a href="/activities/pdfreaders/pdfreaders.html">our
  45. PDFreaders campaign</a> we will continue to follow-up with the <a
  46. href="/activities/pdfreaders/buglist.html">reported institutions</a>
  47. and you can still encourage friends <a
  48. href="/activities/pdfreaders/petition.html">to sign the corresponding
  49. petition</a>.</p>
  50. <h2>Something completely different</h2>
  51. <ul>
  52. <li>You think your old C64 was slow? Working on the United Nations
  53. level will change your mind. Karsten Gerloff wrote an article about
  54. FSFE's UN work: <a href="">"WIPO
  55. CDIP/6: Moving the glacier"</a>.</li>
  56. <li>Open Standards in Europe: The European Commission published the
  57. new version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). We at
  58. FSFE have been <a href="/freesoftware/standards/eifv2.html">working on this
  59. document</a> for a long time. Read <a
  60. href="/news/2010/news-20101216-01.html">our press
  61. release</a> and an <a
  62. href="">
  63. article by Karsten assessing the new EIF</a>. </li>
  64. <li>Current developments at Nokia, the transformative power of Free
  65. Software, and the potential dangers posed by the use of Free Software
  66. by large organisations. Those are the topics of the <a
  67. href="">current
  68. Fellowship interview with Alexander Kahl</a>, Fedora packager, Lisp,
  69. JavaScript and
  70. Perl programmer, and active FSFE volunteer.</li>
  71. <li>While Torsten Grote <a href="">gave
  72. a radio interview (German)</a> about risks of cloud computing and
  73. chances of distributed Free Software, Björn Schiessle <a
  74. href="">writes
  75. about how he wants to install</a> distributed software at home.</li>
  76. </ul>
  77. <h2>Get active: Help with Euro 2012 championship</h2>
  78. <p>Help us gathering information about government's Free Software usage.
  79. This information helps us to evaluate the current situation and of
  80. course it will decide who will be the European Free Software champion in
  81. 2012. <a
  82. href="">Add
  83. the information on our website</a> before March 25 and it will
  84. influence the next matches, add information continuously and it will
  85. help Free Software activists all over the world.</p>
  86. <p>Happy GNU Year,<br/>
  87. <a href="/about/people/kirschner">Matthias Kirschner </a> - <a href="/">FSFE</a></p>
  88. <p>-- <br />
  89. <a href="/index.html">Free Software Foundation Europe</a><br />
  90. <a href="/news/news.rss">FSFE News</a><br />
  91. <a href="/events/events.rss">Upcoming FSFE Events</a><br />
  92. <a href="">Fellowship Blog Aggregation</a><br />
  93. <a href="/contact/community.html">Free Software Discussions</a> </p>
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