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<title>Education Team</title>
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<h2>Education Team</h2>
<a name="Introduction"/>
With the increasing usage of information technology, software
competency has become a key skill in modern society. Software is
taking an essential part of our lives for the way we communicate,
socialise and produce. In the overwhelming majority of sectors and
industries, students of all ages require strong IT skills to become
employable, productive, and competitive.
Free Software applications provide the best tools for educators. They
foster transferable skills and concepts based upon international open
standards, rather than familiarity with individual products from
particular vendors. Free Software in education upholds scientific
principles of participation, collaboration and peer review, and in doing
so develops additional learning skills by sharing knowledge and
achievements amongst students. Free Software usage also encourages a
culture of participating and doing instead of just consuming.
<a name="mission"/>
<h3>Mission Statement</h3>
The goal of FSFE's Education Team is to bring the benefits of Free
Software to all education-related activities and institutions. In
accordance with <a href="/about/principles">FSFE's Self Conception</a>,
we shall bring the use of Free Software in education to political
agendas across European borders, and inform administrations, teachers,
students and their parents about the benefits Free Software provides.
We shall foster communication and cooperation among these groups, and
establish and extend dialogue between them and Free Software developers
and advocates. We shall establish a legal framework that shall prohibit
discrimination against Free Software and its users, and make available
FSFE's extensive expertise to all parties involved. </p>
<a name="getinvolved"/>
<h3>Get Involved</h3>
The team is constantly looking for more volunteers. If you want to be
part of this effort (which means that you are devoted to it, not just
observing), we have some requirements:
you have a thorough understanding of Free Software
you agree with the mission statement above
advantageous: previous work in that field;
you should live in Europe (i.e. <a href="http://www.gnu.org/education/">North America</a> and
<a href="http://www.fsfla.org/svnwiki/about/participate.en#mailman-listinfo-educacao-education">Latin America</a>
have their own educational efforts, so please join them if
you live there).
Contact us via
<a href="mailto:edu-team@lists.fsfe.org">edu-team@lists.fsfe.org</a>.
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