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<title>United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) - Dynamic Coalition on Access to Knowledge (A2K) and Freedom of Expression</title>
<h2>Internet Governance Forum (IGF)</h2>
<h1>Dynamic Coalition on Access to Knowledge (A2K) and Freedom of Expression</h1>
<p>The A2K Dynamic Coalition was launched at the <a
href="">Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in
Athens, Greece</a>. The initial announcement is <a
here</a>. The first discussions took place in Athens during the <a
2006 Workshop on Access to Knowledge (A2K) and Online Freedom of
Speech</a>. FSFE is one of the initial partners of the DCOS, and FSFE
president <a href="/about/people/greve/">Georg Greve</a> is part of the
interim steering committee.</p>
<h3>Additional Information</h3>
<li>To join the Dynamic Coalition, please subscribe to the mailing list at<br />
<a href=""></a></li>
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