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<title>GPLv3 - GNU General Public License, version 3 - Specific Topics</title>
<h1>Specific topics</h1>
The aim of all versions of the GPL are to ensure that everyone who
receives a copy of GPL-licensed software is free to use that
software, to modify it, and to redistribute it in modified or
unmodified form. Version 3 accounts for changes
in software's legal and technical environment, and thwarts new
techniques which have been devised to take those freedoms away from software users.
Below are explanations of certain issues that have raised discussion
during the GPLv3 consultation process.
<a href="">GPLv3: Simplicity and Length</a>
<a href="">Why GPLv3 says additional permissions are removable</a>
<a href="">How GPLv3 addresses the EUCD and DMCA</a>
<a href="">GPLv3 Embedded in Devices</a>
<a href="">How GPLv3 tackles Licence Proliferation</a>
<a href="">Tivoisation
explained - implementation and harms</a>
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