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<title>GPLv3 - The future of Free Software in Turin</title>
<h1>The future of Free Software in Turin</h1>
<p>On March 18th, Richard Stallman will talk in Turin (Italy) over the future
of Free Software, introducing the Italian audience to the updating process of
the GNU General Public License (GPL), the licence that protects the
freedom of about 100 million software users in the world, being the most used
of the Free Software licences.
<p>The meeting will be hosted by the Politecnico di Torino and will be open to
developers, technicians, managers of the private and public sector who want to
have an insight into the new GNU GPL, whether they are currently using Free
Software, or they are evaluating its adoption.
<p>The conference will be focused on the goals of the Free Software Foundation
in the licence updating process, and on the rationale for the most
controversial issues, such as DRM, the new patent retaliation clauses and the
new compatibility provisions.
<p>The conference will be held on March 18th from 9:30 to 13:30 at</p>
<p id="quote">Aula Magna 'Giovanni Agnelli'
Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24
<p>The URI of the streaming are hosted on the pages of the <a
href="">Libre Streaming Project</a> by the
Politecnico di Torino.</p>
<p>Update: FSFE has now
published <a href="torino-rms-transcript.html">a transcript of the event</a>.</p>
<p>For further information, here is the FSFE press contact in Italy:</p>
<p>press at</p>
<p>This event is organised by Free Software Foundation Europe. Thanks to
<a href="">Hipatia</a>,
<a href="">NetStudent</a> and
<a href="">Politecnico di Torino</a> for their support.</p>
<p>For further information on the GPLv3, and FSFE's work supporting
the consultation process, see <a href="gplv3.html">FSFE's GPLv3
project page</a>.
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