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<title>GPLv3 - Summaries of panels and presentations from the
third international GPLv3 conference, Barcelona;
<h1>Summaries of panels and presentations at the 3nd international GPLv3
conference; 22nd &amp; 23rd June 2006</h1>
<p>For more information about GPLv3 and how to participate, see our
<a href="gplv3.html">GPLv3 project</a> page.</p>
The following are brief summaries made after
the <a href="/activities/gplv3/europe-gplv3-conference.html">third
international GPLv3 conference</a>, organised by FSFE in Barcelona.
The entire conference was recorded and links to the audio and video
are provided below next to each summary.
<p>The videos are in Ogg Theora format, the audio files are in Ogg
Vorbis format, and these can be downloaded with BitTorrent.</p>
<p>You can support work such as this by
joining <a href="">the Fellowship of FSFE</a>,
and by encouraging others to do so.</p>
<p>FSFE would like to thank all those who participated in the panels.
With participants from four continents, containing programmers,
lawyers, organisations, and representatives from each of the four
GPLv3 discussion committees, these panels provide quite a whole
picture of what's happening this year.
<p>These panel contributions and presentations were made in English,
with the exception of the contributions of Pablo Machón which were
made in Spanish.</p>
<h2>Sections on this page</h2>
<li><a href="#greve">Georg Greve: Opening presentation</a></li>
<li><a href="#stallman">Richard Stallman: Overview of GPLv3 changes</a></li>
<li><a href="#oriordan">Ciaran O'Riordan: The public consultation process</a></li>
<li><a href="#moglen">Eben Moglen: The wording of the changes</a></li>
<li><a href="#fsfe-projects">Panel: FSFE Current Projects</a></li>
<li><a href="#awareness">Panel: Awareness and adoption of GPLv3</a></li>
<li><a href="#machon">Pablo Machón: GPLv3 and the European software patent struggle</a></li>
<li><a href="#committees">Panel: The discussion committees</a></li>
<li><a href="#drm">Panel: Enforcing the GPL, Thwarting DRM</a></li>
<li><a href="#links">Links to further information</a></li>
<h2 id="greve">Georg Greve: opening introduction</h2>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-georg-greve.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-georg-greve.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<p>Points covered by <a href="/about/people/greve/greve.html">Georg Greve</a>:</p>
<li>Opening address</li>
<li>Background of FSF and GNU</li>
<li>FSF maintains the Free Software Definition, the GPL, and the
<li>FSF is about long term strategy</li>
<li>GPL is the pragmatic implementation and it makes parties with
different goals work together</li>
<li>FSF started in MIT in Boston, but now there is a network of FSFs</li>
<li>There are four: FSF, FSF Europe, FSF India, FSF Latin America</li>
<li>Independent equals with some shared focuses and some
differentiating focuses</li>
<li>Transparency is a lot of work, but FSFE feels it's important</li>
<li>FSFE is active in 10 countries through 25 people, working largely
on a consensus basis</li>
<li>Of the 25, 10 have taken legal responsibility and are on the
General Assembly, and that GA elects the president </li>
<li>FSFE has 13 associate organisations, mostly in Europe but also in
Japan and Latin America </li>
<li>As well as many volunteers, FSFE has 5 full-time and 2 half-time
employees, and we might have another full-time employee soon </li>
<li>If are interested in working with us, contact a Team member from
your region. We try to work with people in their language. If you
want to help, you're incredibly welcome </li>
<li>We do a lot of work at the United Nations, a lot in the European
Union, a lot at the national level - legal work and business work
and the Fellowship </li>
<li>Our focus for these two days is the GPL - the #1 Free Software
licence </li>
<li>FSF is handling the GPLv3 process, and for that, we are here to
help </li>
<h2 id="stallman">Richard Stallman: Overview of GPL v3 Changes</h2>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-richard-stallman.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-richard-stallman.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<p>A complete <a href="barcelona-rms-transcript.html">transcript of
Stallman's talk and Q&amp;A</a> has been made.</p>
<h2 id="oriordan">Ciarán O'Riordan: The public consultation process</h2>
<li>Audio: Being processed</li>
<li>Video: Being processed</li>
<p><a href="/about/oriordan/oriordan.html">O'Riordan</a> explained,
with screenshots, how people can use
the <a href=""></a> website to view
the existing comments and how people can make their own comments.
<h2 id="moglen">Eben Moglen: The wording of the changes</h2>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-eben-moglen.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-eben-moglen.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<p>A complete <a href="barcelona-moglen-transcript.html">transcript of
Moglen's talk and Q&amp;A</a> has been made.</p>
<h2 id="fsfe-projects">Panel: Current projects of FSFE</h2>
<li>Carlo Piana (Tamos Piana &amp; Partners), the MS anti-trust case</li>
<li>Pablo Machón, building the Spanish team</li>
<li>Ciaran O'Riordan, Legislation from Brussels</li>
<li>Stefano Maffulli, FSFE's Fellowship</li>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-current-fsfe-projects.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-current-fsfe-projects.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
[00:00 - 15:00 ]Topics discussed by Carlo Piana about
the <a href="/activities/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">EU anti-trust case
against Microsoft</a>:
<li>The situation when we joined the case, our goals, and our achievements </li>
<li>Microsoft was found guilty of anti-trust abuse, in &quot;the
Monti decision&quot; </li>
<li>This decision imposed the largest fine ever for abuse of a
dominant position, which is an anti-trust abuse, and required some
remedies </li>
<li>One of those remedies is that Microsoft is supposed to provide
complete documentation for Windows Workgroup server under
reasonable and non-discriminatory clauses </li>
<li>Microsoft not happy, and they appealed </li>
<li>We asked for &quot;leave to intervene&quot;, and it was
granted, so we can testify </li>
<li>This is a case which has been constantly breaking records, in
terms of size </li>
<li>Our goal, of course, was not Microsoft-bashing. Our main goal
was to get Microsoft to start behaving like a good citizen </li>
<li>We want to establish a precedent, that companies cannot abuse
their market power, especially not against Free Software </li>
<li>By being in the process, we have made useful allies and built our
reputation </li>
<li>We are now getting quite respectful coverage from the media </li>
[15:00 - 22:40] Topics discussed by Pablo Machón
O'Riordan <a href="/activities/swpat/swpat.html">software patents</a>
and other legislative issues in Brussels:
[22:40 - 31:30] Topics discussed by Ciarán
O'Riordan <a href="/activities/swpat/swpat.html">software patents</a>
and other legislative issues in Brussels:
<li>I'm mostly working on GPLv3 this year, but the main work I do is
about legislation </li>
<li>Sometimes this means talking to the politicians, sometimes it
means coaching others who the politicians are more interested in
talking to </li>
<li>We network the MEPs to build support - turning pockets of support
into majorities </li>
<li>Pablo will talk about software patents later, so I want to
mention the bigger picture that they are part of </li>
<li>Software patents were indirect discrimination </li>
<li>It's a burden that can't be born by many of our models </li>
<li>This issue will come back, but it won't come back in the same form
- we've won too conclusively for the same to be tried again </li>
<li>One possibility is the community patent, and another is the
European Patent Litigation agreement. Instead of changing the
legislation, these change who makes the final rulings </li>
<li>There is also
the <a href="/activities/ipred2/ipred2.html">IPRED2</a> - this
criminalises many copyright, trademark, and patent infringements.
It doesn't touch Free Software directly, but it makes software
development a dangerous field, and makes grey areas seem not worth
risking - such as, maybe, software patents </li>
<li>No out of court settlements, no insurance </li>
<li>I moved into legislation because our software is so good.
Legislation is a week point for us, so we need more peopl to look
at this </li>
<li>When we do this work, we have to build a movement. We can't
start from scratch each time, we have to build teams and networks
and relationships with politicians and journalists </li>
<li>&quot;You can leave politics alone, but it won't leave you
alone&quot;, a wise man said</li>
[31:30 - 45:10] Topics discussed by Stefano Maffulli
about <a href="">The Fellowship</a>:
<li>I'm an architect, which makes me a software user </li>
<li>Speedbumps don't discriminate, they don't disappear when an
ambulance needs to drive on the road - Free Software is about being
able to control and shape our environment ourselves </li>
<li>Free Software, is about participation and inclusion </li>
<li>The software patent discussion shows that we can influence
legislation </li>
<li>The Fellowship is a tool for collaboration, it's a community of
people that support software freedom </li>
<li>We want to get people active and provide information </li>
<li>Most are hackers, these are people that know their tools very
well </li>
<li>Fellows have an instant messaging server so they can communicate
with each other, and a blog, and an email alias </li>
<li>The Fellowship programme has been active for 16 months now, and
we're starting to see local activities </li>
<li>Most actions by the Fellows, are started independent of FSFE.
The Fellows are taking the initiative and giving speeches and
distributing information </li>
<li>That's the spirit: a community of people that want to do
things </li>
<li>Fellows have an active connection to FSFE </li>
<li>We've made Fellowship cookies, or &quot;Freedom fighter&quot;
cookies, and the recipe is available </li>
<li>So far, the Fellowship contributions have allowed us to hire
Ciarán to work during the software patents battle, now we have
surplus to possibly hire another </li>
<h2 id="awareness">Panel: Awareness and adoption of GPLv3</h2>
<li>Fernanda Weiden, Associação</li>
<li>Anne Østergaard, GNOME Foundation</li>
<li>Alexandre Oliva, Free Software Foundation Latin America</li>
<li>Gaudenz Steinlin, Debian</li>
<li>Manuel Martínez Ribas, Legistics</li>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-awareness-and-adoption.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-awareness-and-adoption.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<h2 id="machon">Pablo Machón: GPLv3 and the European software patent struggle</h2>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-pablo-machon.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-pablo-machon.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<h2 id="committees">Panel: The Discussion Committees</h2>
<li>Niibe Yutaka, Free Software Initiative Japan (committee A)</li>
<li>Sanna Nykanen, Nokia, (committee B)</li>
<li>Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace (committee C)</li>
<li>Masayuki Hatta, Debian (committee D)</li>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-discussion-committees.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-discussion-committees.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<h2 id="drm">Panel: Enforcing the GPL, thwarting DRM</h2>
<li>Harald Welte,</li>
<li>David &quot;Novalis&quot; Turner, Free Software Foundation</li>
<li>Mathias Klang, Informatics researcher, University of Goteborg</li>
<li>João Miguel Neves, Associação Nacional para o Software Livre</li>
<li>Malcolm Bain, Legistics</li>
<li>Audio: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-drm-enforcement.vorbis.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<li>Video: <a href="fsfe-gplv3-drm-enforcement.theora.ogg.torrent"></a></li>
<h2 id="maffulli"><a href="/about/maffulli/maffulli.html">Stefano Maffulli</a>: Closing presentation</h2>
<li>Audio: Being processed</li>
<li>Video: Being processed</li>
<p>Maffulli closed the event mentioning
the <a href="">4th international GPLv3
conference</a>, which will take place in Bangalore, India, on August
23rd and 24th. He encouraged people to participate in the process
and to help bring awareness into to groups and forums outside of our
easy reach.
<h2 id="links">Links to further information</h2>
<li>For general information, links, and a schedule, see
our <a href="gplv3.html">GPLv3 project</a> page</li>
the <a
webpage</a> for more information about the conference</li>
<li>You can support FSFE's work, such as our GPLv3 awareness work,
by joining <a href="">the Fellowship of
FSFE</a>, and also by encouraging others to do so</li>