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<title>20 Years FSFE +++ Finland achieving Router Freedom +++ microFSFE</title>
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<h1 id="20-years-fsfe-finland-achieving-router-freedom-microfsfe">20 Years FSFE +++ Finland achieving Router Freedom +++ microFSFE</h1>
In our July Newsletter, we invite our community to join the
celebrations of 20 Years FSFE, we applaud Finland for securing
Router Freedom, and we look into Free Software activities for
children. We are getting ready for German elections and invite you
to help us support Free Software demands for public administration
during the election campaign.
<h2 id="fsfe-20-years-of-empowering-people-to-control-technology">FSFE: 20 years of empowering people to control technology</h2>
Long before the first smartphone was introduced, it was evident to
the FSFE's founders that it is the people who should be in
control of technology and not vice versa. In 2001, Free Software
experts around Europe created the Free Software Foundation Europe. </p>
20 years is a long time in computing history and although
technology is ever-changing, our values have been consistent. The
core of our work is, in a nutshell: educating people on the nature
of Free Software, highlighting its political implications, and
simplifying its legal preconditions. Matthias Kirschner, President
of the FSFE since 2015, <a href="/2021/news-20210721-01.html#a-birthday-message-from-our-president-matthias-kirschner">explains</a>
this in his own words in a short video.
<a href="/news/2021/news-20210721-01.html#a-birthday-message-from-our-president-matthias-kirschner">
<img src=""/>
Our work throughout the years would not have been possible without
the help of our European community. Whether you have translated our
news, used your voice to share our message, helped us financially,
or participated in one of our public events, you have helped our
cause to take a step further.</p>
Would you like to share your thoughts
about your time with the FSFE? We are looking forward to hearing
from you. Also we would love to see pictures from your activities
in the past and share them with the community. Or, if you are
feeling creative, you can send us a birthday video, just as the
science-fiction author Cory Doctorow did. Do not miss watching it
and finding out more on how to share your memories on our <a href="/activities/20years/20years.html">birthday page</a>.
<h2 id="router-freedom-achieved-in-finland-as-the-most-fair-and-efficient-practice">Router Freedom achieved in Finland, as the most fair and efficient practice</h2>
Finland recognises Router Freedom as a digital right, setting an
example for the EU. Net neutrality is ensured by EU Regulation. Net neutrality means that users have the right to use
terminal equipment of their choice, such as a phone or modem. For
Finland, this is clear. Traficom, the national agency dealing with
transportation, communications, and networks, has a noteworthy
stance on the issue, <a href="">protecting</a>
the rights of end-users.
<img src=""/>
We <a href="/news/2021/news-20210629-01.html">interviewed</a> Klaus
Nieminen, Chief Specialist of Traficom. In his view, Router Freedom
benefits end-users, fosters competition in the telecommunications
terminal equipment markets, and complies with the Open Internet
Regulation 2015/2120 of the EU. He shares that there is no
technological necessity to justify limiting end-users' rights
to choose their own equipment. Traficom arrived at this conclusion
after an objective assessment. Finally, he explains that in Finland
Router Freedom also applies to new technologies such as 5G.
<h2 id="listen-to-our-podcast">Listen to our Podcast</h2>
This is the first time since the launch of the Software Freedom
Podcast that a FSFE staff member gives an interview in our podcast
series. Max Mehl, FSFE Programme Manager, has been with the FSFE
since 2011 and has worked on numerous campaigns. With this <a href="/news/podcast/episode-11.html">episode</a> Bonnie Mehring
and Max Mehl provide a nice and easy entrance to the very complex
world of software licensing.
<p>This year the FSFE celebrates its 20th anniversary. <a href="">Support our
work for the next 20 years to come</a>.
<h2 id="microfsfe">microFSFE</h2>
Early programmers deserve a spotlight too. From kids to teenagers,
the FSFE welcomes early programmers and all beginners in its community.
<h3 id="teaching-free-software-to-children">Teaching Free Software to children</h3>
In Kreuzlingen, a city in northern Switzerland, five children had
the chance to participate in a 4-day course on Free Software
development. The course was free of charge, and it was offered
thanks to the creativity and pedagogical skills of FSFE supporter Peter Bittner. The kids had no prior experience using Linux, so the
course started with booting GNU/LINUX from a USB stick, and quickly
advanced to working in the terminal using Bash commands and coding
<img src=""/>
'We need our kids to know what school doesn't teach
them' <a href="">says</a>
Peter in his blog about this course. 'Pupils are being taught
"products" of the technology giants ("Safari",
"Word", "Excel", "PowerPoint")
instead of information technology concepts (web browser, text
processor, spreadsheet, presentations)'.
<h3 id="microfashion">microfashion</h3>
According to scientists, early "nerdiness" can lead to a
10% increase in happiness later in life ; )<br/>So do not miss to starting early and get one of our fork T-shirts. They are <a href="/order/">available for ages 5 to 12</a>, as well as in a <a href="/order/2017/baby-bib-pink-large.png">bib</a>
for babies!
<img src="/order/2017/kidstshirt-fork-red-front-large.jpg"/>
<h3 id="teenagers">Teenagers</h3>
<p>This autumn, the FSFE will launch a new activity for
teenagers. Our goal is to share the values of Free Software with
young developers. So if you are a young person experimenting with
software development, or if you know one, stay tuned.
<h2 id="upcoming-event">Upcoming event</h2>
On Wednesday August 4th, we are organising an online workshop
(DE) to prepare the promotion of our 'Public Money? Public
Code!' campaign during the last weeks until the German
elections. We need your support to spread our message. If you would like to be involved in this process, please <a href="">register</a>
and join our workshop for in-person discussions.
<h2 id="what-we-have-done-">What we have done:</h2>
On June 23rd, Max Mehl, Programme Manager at the FSFE, presented
REUSE in the “Leveraging Open Source Responsibly” <a href="">session</a>
at OW2con’21. In his presentation, he explained how REUSE
makes it easier for developers to declare the licensing and
copyright situation for their code. The presentation is available on <a href="">Peertube</a>.
This session is part of a long-term effort by OW2 to promote best
practices and good citizenship in open source governance.
On July 6th and 7th, Bonnie Mehring and Alexander Sander presented
our German federal election campaign to the local groups of
Nordhessen and Frankfurt. If you are interested in participating in
such a workshop check our upcoming event.
On July 22nd, Bonnie Mehring presented our 'Public Money?
Public Code!' campaign in the <a href="">FSFE women</a> monthly
meeting. Also, they discussed what the plans are with respect to
the upcoming election campaign of the federal parliament in Germany
2021. The FSFE women group is open to all women who are interested
in Free Software and technology; meetings take place online.
On July 24th, translators met online to get to know each other and
learn valuable tools for their work, such as the webpreview tool,
the translation wiki, and Git. The meeting was hosted by Bonnie Mehring,
coordinator of <a href="">the FSFE translator
group</a> team, and Luca
Bonissi, who has created the webpreview tool.
Alexander Sander, our Policy Consultant, contributed to a report on
the use of Free Software in local administrations which was
released by the German association for municipal government. The
association, 'Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für
Verwaltungsmanagement (KGSt)', published the <a href="">report</a> [DE] titled
'Open Source in Kommunen – Ein Baustein für mehr Digitale
<h2 id="legal-and-licensing-workshops-2021">Legal and Licensing Workshop 2021</h2>
On July 14th, the Online Legal and Licensing Workshop 2021 was
completed. The <a href="/activities/ln/llw.html">FSFE's Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop
(LLW)</a> has been held annually for the <a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">FSFE's Legal Network</a> since
2008, and serves as a conference for legal experts in the field of
Free Software to debate issues and share best practices
surrounding Free Software licenses. Instead of a one-time
conference, this year LLW offered online
presentations, discussion panels, and workshops continuously from March to July.
We are very happy to have put up an online edition of the LLW, and
we are also looking forward to organizing next year's edition of
the LLW, to be held hopefully in person, to continue building a robust Free
Software legal community.
<h2 id="get-active-for-the-federal-election-in-germany">Get active for the Federal election in Germany</h2>
<img src="" />
On 26 September, a new Bundestag will be elected in Germany. We are
engaged around the election and want to ensure with our activities
that "Public Money? Public Code!" plays an important role
for the next government. Therefore we want to make sure that our
"Public Money? Public Code!" demands will be included in
the coalition agreement of Germany's next government. To
achieve this we need your help and support. We created an <a href="">activity
package</a> [DE] for you and will also present it during a workshop
on 4 August 2021. If you want to participate, <a href="">register
<h2 id="contribute-to-our-newsletter">Contribute to our newsletter</h2>
If you would like to share any thoughts, pictures, or news, please
send them to us. As always, the address is <email></email>.
We're looking forward to hearing from you! If you also want to
support us and our work, join our community and support us with a
donation or a <a href="">monthly
contribution</a>. Thanks to our community and all the volunteers,
supporters, and donors who make our work possible. And thanks to
our translators, who enable you to read this newsletter in your
native languages.
<p>Your editor, Fani Partsafyllidou</p>
The biggest financial impact the FSFE faces in these times of
physical distancing is the cancellation of Free Software
conferences, including our own events. To keep the software freedom
movement solid and alive, please consider <a href="">donating a
part of your conference budget to Free Software organisations,
including the FSFE</a>.
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