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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - February 2018</title>
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  7. <h1 id="fsfe-newsletter-february-2018">FSFE Newsletter February 2018</h1>
  8. <h2 id="barcelona-is-the-first-city-council-to-join-the-fsfe-s-public-money-public-code-campaign">Barcelona is the first city council to join the FSFE&#39;s &quot;Public Money? Public Code!&quot; campaign</h2>
  9. <p newsteaser="yes">&quot;Funds that come from the citizens have to be invested in systems that can be reused and open to a local ecosystem&quot; says Francesca Bria, Commissioner of Digital Technology and Innovation of Barcelona. She is the driving force behind the City&#39;s Digital Transformation Plan, which - among other things - aims to establish the use of Free Software and open data in the city&#39;s administration.</p>
  10. <p>Step by step, all key applications shall be replaced with Free Software solutions until the city finally replaces its currently running Windows-system with a suitable GNU/Linux-system. Therewith, Barcelona is heading to achieve and guarantee <a href="">&quot;complete technological sovereignty&quot;</a> for the municipality. By spring of 2019, when its municipal term of office ends, the City Council has planned to spend 70 percent of its software budget on open-source software.</p>
  11. <p>With this in mind, Barcelona has been the first city council to sign the <a href="">Open Letter</a> of our &quot;Public Money? Public Code!&quot; campaign. The FSFE is very pleased to see one of European&#39;s biggest metropolitan areas moving to Free Software, and we wish Barcelona much success!</p>
  12. <h2 id="i-love-free-software-day">I love Free Software Day</h2>
  13. <p> Every year, our community celebrates &quot;I Love Free Software Day&quot; on February 14. Our report from this year&#39;s celebration is coming soon but we like to say thank you for hundreds of love declarations via social media channels, pictures of people celebrating their favourite Free Software projects like <a href="">Developers Italia</a>, beautiful artworks <a href="">like the one from Grise Bouille</a> as well as multiple blog posts informing about the benefits of Free Software. We even found people <a href="">opening issues on project&#39;s development platforms</a>, just to say &quot;Thank You!&quot; on &quot;I love Free Software Day&quot;. </p>
  14. <p>Thank you for celebrating with us and stay tuned for the detailed report coming soon.</p>
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  16. <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/"><img src="" /></a>
  17. <footer><p>People celebrating <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/">#IloveFS</a> 2018</p></footer>
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  20. <p><a href="/join/nl2018-02">Join our community of freedom fighters.</a></p>
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  22. <h2 id="what-else-have-we-done-inside-and-outside-the-fsfe">What else have we done? Inside and Outside the FSFE</h2>
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  24. <li>The day before FOSDEM, the FSFE once again partnered up with OpenForum Europe for <a href="/news/2018/news-20180215-01">the third edition of European Free Software Policy Meeting</a> to discuss the most important current policy issues on European level regarding Free Software. </li>
  25. <li>The FSFE country team Italy is running an <a href="/news/2018/news-20180219-01">&quot;Ask your candidates&quot; campaign</a> and sent a set of questions about the use and promotion of Free Software to the participating parties of the Italian national elections, happening on March 4.</li>
  26. <li>The &quot;besondere elektronische Anwaltspostfach (beA)&quot; is publicly financed software aiming to establish a secure communication between lawyers in Germany from January 2018. Its usage, however, is currently being withheld for multiple security issues. The FSFE <a href="/campaigns/publiccode/bea">published an open letter</a> to demand the full publication of beA under a Free Software license.</li>
  27. <li>At the 34th Chaos Communication Congress the FSFE, together with EDRi, set up a cluster called “Rights &amp; Freedoms” with its own freedom related track. Erik Albers <a href="">wrote a report about it on his blog</a>.</li>
  28. <li>Daniel Pocock, the FSFE community representative, writes about <a href="">Everything you didn&#39;t know about FSFE in a picture</a> in which he analyses overlapping relationships between staffers, Council, community and the General Assembly. </li>
  29. <li>Vanitasvitae <a href="">reports</a> about his trip to XSF-summit, FOSDEM and the importance of XMPP libraries</li>
  30. <li>Daniel Pocock distributed an <a href="">email to the FSFE community</a> in that he reflected the GA membership process, the FSFE&#39;s identity process and his personal travels.</li>
  31. <li>Sebastian Schauenburg shares his insides on sharing <a href="">local OsmAnd and Geo URL&#39;s</a></li>
  32. <li>Polina Malaja, the FSFE&#39;s policy analyst, writes about our <a href="">response to the PSI Directive public consultation</a> that in short asks to include source code into the list of re-usable public sector information.</li>
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  34. <h2 id="do-not-miss-it-upcoming-events-with-the-fsfe">Do not miss it! Upcoming events with the FSFE</h2>
  35. <p>We are happy to see a first local FSFE meet-up happening in Madrid, Spain, on <a href="">February 22</a> and on <a href="">March 3</a>. We wish all participants to spend their time at the meet-up in a positive and fruitful manner. If you are from the area, do not miss it. </p>
  36. <p>By the way: If you miss a local FSFE group in your area but you like to start one, get in contact with our community coordinator <a href="/about/albers/albers">Erik Albers</a> who is happy to help you with the first steps. </p>
  37. <h2 id="get-active">Get Active</h2>
  38. <p>Have you found an interesting Free Software story online that you would like to share? Maybe you have a question that you like to discuss with other Free Software activists? Or you like to announce your upcoming Free Software event or report about a recent one? Then post it on one of our public mailing lists and share it with the community! We currently have active public mailing lists in <a href="">English</a>, <a href="">German</a>, <a href="">Spanish</a>, and <a href="">Greek</a>.</p>
  39. <p>If you live in Italy, contact your local candidates during their current election-campaigns, point them towards our &quot;Public Money? Public Code!&quot; campaign and ask them <a href="/news/2018/news-20180219-01">the questions that we have also sent to the participating parties</a> or similar ones. </p>
  40. <h2 id="contribute-to-our-newsletter">Contribute to our newsletter</h2>
  41. <p>If you would like to share any thoughts, pictures, or news, send them to us. As always, the address is We&#39;re looking forward to hearing from you!</p>
  42. <p>Thanks to our community, all the <a href="/contribute/contribute">volunteers</a>, <a href="/join">supporters</a> and <a href="/donate/thankgnus">donors</a> who make our work possible. And thanks to <a href="/contribute/translators/translators">our translators</a>, who enable you to read this newsletter in your mother tongue.</p>
  43. <p>Your editor, <br />
  44. Erik Albers</p>
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  46. <p><a href="">Join our community of freedom fighters.</a></p>
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