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  5. <title>FSFE Newsletter - February 2016</title>
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  8. <h1 class="p-name">FSFE Newsletter - February 2016</h1>
  9. <h2 id="fsfe-turns-15">FSFE turns 15</h2>
  10. <p>In 2016, the Free Software Foundation Europe is looking forward towards
  11. an exciting year. This is the year when we are celebrating our 15th birthday
  12. and that will give us the chance to look back, to see and show how your
  13. support brought us here. However, we are also looking forward to mastering
  14. the challenges ahead.</p>
  15. <p>Since 2001, a lot has evolved for the good, including the changes
  16. that we could not think of <a href="">once a small team of volunteers from different countries decided to come
  17. together in the Villa Vogelsang in Essen, Germany, and to found the Free
  18. Software Foundation Europe</a>. Since then, this initial team of activists
  19. grew together as friends, <a href="/news/2010/news-20100510-01.html">FSFE
  20. received the Theodor Heuss Medal for our work for freedom in the information
  21. society</a>, we became an influential voice on national and European
  22. level, we have our third president in office and we became a European
  23. wide organisation with a permanent staff team. All of this would not have
  24. been possible without the help of you, our Fellows. Your advice, your
  25. support, your financial contribution, your local activities, your viral
  26. marketing, your campaign projects and all the time you dedicated to us
  27. are priceless and what made us strong. We are overwhelmed and happy that
  28. in 2016, the Free Software Foundation Europe is carried upon thousands
  29. of shoulders. This is why we dedicate this year to you, our Fellows,
  30. our community.</p>
  31. <p>We will come up with some activities and stories for you as a thank
  32. you during the year and in memory of our 15 years of existence. Let's
  33. start this with celebrating the I love Free Software day on February 14
  34. as colourfully as possible. <a href="/activities/ilovefs/">Join
  35. us in spreading love towards Free Software and their developers</a>.
  36. And <a href="">don't miss to already
  37. save the date from September 2nd to 4th</a> as a core event in 2016.
  38. This is the weekend we will organise our first FSFE summit - for and by you.
  39. More information will follow.</p>
  40. <h2 id="document-freedom-day-is-given-into-the-hands-of-the-digital-freedom-foundation">Document
  41. Freedom Day is given into the hands of the Digital Freedom Foundation</h2>
  42. <p>Half as old as the FSFE is our Document Freedom Day campaign, celebrated
  43. for the first time <a href="/news/2008/news-20080220-01">in
  44. 2008 to oppose the adoption of Microsoft's OOXML standard</a> - and then
  45. turned itself into an annual day to celebrate Open Standards. During the
  46. years we had hundreds events all over the globe, we have seen impressive
  47. artwork, inspiring comics and videos and we have seen political parties,
  48. companies and non-profit organisations using Document Freedom Day to let
  49. the world know about the power and freedom of interoperability.</p>
  50. <p>In 2016, however, <a href="">the FSFE hands over Document Freedom Day campaign to the Digital Freedom Foundation</a>,
  51. the organisation that is best known for organising the Software Freedom
  52. Day. This way, the FSFE sees the potential to further broaden Document
  53. Freedom Day as the international day of Open Standards and to further
  54. decentralise the campaign's concept. This year, Document Freedom Day will
  55. be on March 30, 2016.</p>
  56. <h2 id="meps-vote-for-more-free-software-in-public-sector">MEPs vote for
  57. more Free Software in public sector</h2>
  58. <p>On 19 January, the European Parliament adopted in Plenary its
  59. own-initiative report "Towards a Digital Single Market" prepared by the
  60. co-rapporteurs Kaja Kallas (ALDE) from the Industry, Research and Energy
  61. Committee (ITRE) and Evelyne Gebhardt (S&amp;D) from Internal Market and
  62. Consumers Protection Committee (IMCO). The FSFE's policy team has amended
  63. the draft report and is pleased to see that the final version adopted in
  64. the Plenary includes several positive statements concerning Free Software.</p>
  65. <p>In particular, the report urges the European Commission and the Council
  66. of the EU to increase the share of Free Software and its reuse in public
  67. administrations as a solution to increase interoperability. The report
  68. also promotes the security advantages of Free Software, and calls the EU
  69. to commit to the increased use of Free Software in educational establishments
  70. and public administrations. We hope that the European Commission will
  71. follow the example of the Parliament and will implement the recommendations
  72. to increase the use of Free Software in public sector.</p>
  73. <h2 id="out-of-the-community">Out of the community</h2>
  74. <ul>
  75. <li><p>Daniel Pocock <a href="">blogs
  76. about the freedom to leave your phone offline or at home</a>, and argues
  77. why you should start with buying a watch.</p></li>
  78. <li><p><a href="">Hook
  79. writes about his positive experience with switching to Let's Encrypt
  80. certificates for his server</a> and comes up with some links for more
  81. information to do it yourself.</p></li>
  82. <li><p>Many of us feel sad these days about the loss of Ian Murdock. His
  83. contributions to the world of Free Software and the Debian system are
  84. without end. <a href="">Daniel
  85. Pocock gathered some background, feelings and other people's tributes to
  86. Ian Murdock on his blog</a>.</p></li>
  87. <li><p><a href="">Marcus
  88. Möller reports and gives a summary about Freedomvote</a> - a successful
  89. 'ask you candidates' campaign that the FSFE Switzerland was running for
  90. this years elections.</p></li>
  91. <li><p>Erik Albers made his first experiences with FirefoxOS and asks
  92. <a href="">Mozilla
  93. to put freedom into FirefoxOS market place</a>.</p></li>
  94. <li><p>The <a href="">FSFE group Berlin made a Free Software installation party and liberated
  95. 23 PC's with Debian</a> that will be given to refugee organisations and
  96. schools.</p></li>
  97. </ul>
  98. <h2 id="what-else-have-we-done">What else have we done?</h2>
  99. <ul>
  100. <li><p>FSFE <a href="/news/2016/news-20160118-01.html">provided
  101. the European Commission input on setting priorities in ICT standards and
  102. answered to the public consultation on the adoption of a Priority ICT
  103. Standards Plan</a>. In order for the EU to achieve a true digital single
  104. market that is interoperable and pro-competitive, there is a need for
  105. standards that are open, minimalistic and implementable with Free Software.
  106. Other points that have been risen are that a reference implementation is
  107. published under a Free Software licence, that all software developed with
  108. public funds is to be released as Free Software, and that harmful licensing
  109. practices such as FRAND should be avoided in the fields of software,
  110. internet and the web.</p></li>
  111. <li><p>Together with April and several other organisations, <a href="/news/2015/news-20151203-01.html">FSFE signed a joint
  112. disagreement against the partnership agreement signed between France's
  113. ministry of education and Microsoft</a> about IT solutions in school.
  114. The partnership revolves around teachers' training for mastering Microsoft
  115. environment, the provision of a cloud ecosystem and an e-learning platform
  116. which in total amounts to complete control of IT in French schools under
  117. the supervision of Microsoft. With this agreement the ministry is forcing
  118. schools and pupils to a particular proprietary vendor.</p></li>
  119. <li><p><a href="">FSFE
  120. had an assembly at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress</a> in Hamburg,
  121. Germany, <a href="">including 12 self-organized sessions and the GNU/Burger</a>.</p></li>
  122. <li><p>Just before Christmas and the completion of the EU Data Protection
  123. package, all members of the European Parliament received our e-mail
  124. self-defense leaflet in their mailboxes. This way we wanted to remind
  125. policymakers <a href="">how important encryption is to
  126. everyone's right to privacy</a>.</p></li>
  127. </ul>
  128. <h2 id="take-action">Take Action</h2>
  129. <ul>
  130. <li><p>In 2016 we have 15 years of FSFE and 5 years of I love Free Software
  131. Day: <a href="/activities/ilovefs/">Join us in celebrating
  132. Free Software by expressing your appreciation towards Free Software
  133. developers on February 14</a>! #ILoveFS</p></li>
  134. <li><p>As every year, we will have a booth at FOSDEM and a lot of members
  135. of our community will give talks or come to listen to talks. It is one of
  136. the best chances throughout the year to meet many people from the FSFE.</p></li>
  137. </ul>
  138. <h2 id="good-free-software-news">Good Free Software news</h2>
  139. <p>An amendment to the France's upcoming law for the Digital Republic
  140. that <a href="">obliges public administrations to publish the source code of its
  141. custom-built software solutions</a> was adopted by France's parliament.
  142. Meanwhile another French city, <a href="">Grenoble, commits to Free Software</a> that is said to help to increase
  143. citzen participation, to cut costs, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge.
  144. Speaking of licences, <a href="">family
  145. of Free Software licenses has expanded by three new licences written by
  146. the government of the Canadian province of Quebec</a>. This should encourage
  147. the province’s public administrations to share their ICT solutions.</p>
  148. <p>Thanks to all the
  149. <a href="/contribute/contribute.html">volunteers</a>
  150. ,
  151. <a href="">Fellows</a>
  152. and
  153. <a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">corporate donors</a>
  154. who enable our work,</p>
  155. <p>your editors Polina Malaja and Erik Albers <a href="/index.html">FSFE</a></p>
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