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  5. <title>FSFE Newsletter - April 2014</title>
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  8. <h1 class="p-name">FSFE Newsletter – April 2014</h1>
  9. <h2>Document Freedom Day: Open Standards explained for grandpa</h2>
  10. <p>Although more entrepreneurs and politicians understand the importance of
  11. Open Standards, people do not see the connection with their daily life. That is
  12. why on 26 March we again organised <a
  13. href="">Document Freedom Day</a> (DFD). This year we
  14. had a lot of new materials: <a
  15. href="">new leaflets in different
  16. languages explain Open Standards</a>, and <a
  17. href="">a
  18. nice comic shows why you should use Open Standards</a> so you do not have problems
  19. with your files when you are old.</p>
  20. <p><a href="">There were at least 51 events
  21. in 22 countries</a> organised by a lot of independent groups. FSFE's
  22. volunteers in the UK presented an <a
  23. href="">award to
  24. The OpenStreetMap Foundation in Birmingham</a>, while FSFE's Werner Koch
  25. participated in an event <a
  26. href="">
  27. on Open Standards in Cryptography in the Parliament</a>. Our local group in
  28. Linz <a
  29. href="">organised
  30. an information booth in the city centre</a>, and in the evening they gave a
  31. talk about Open Standards at the university. At the booth in Vienna <a
  32. href="">
  33. our volunteers had some problems with an artist of a
  34. monument</a>, but still handed out a huge amount of leaflets and also informed four
  35. friendly police officers about Free Software and Open Standards. <a
  36. href="">Our DFD team</a> is still
  37. gathering information of what happened during the DFD week, and will publish a
  38. full report during April.</p>
  39. <h2>EU institution acknowledges captivity to Microsoft</h2>
  40. <p>In a <a
  41. href="">recent
  42. letter to MEP Amelia Andersdotter</a> (PDF), the EC acknowledges that it is in a
  43. state of "effective captivity" to Microsoft. As FSFE has pointed out
  44. repeatedly that this is a persistent problem for the Commission, the Council and
  45. the Parliament. On Document Freedom Day the <a
  46. href="/news/2014/news-20140326-02.html">FSFE and Open Forum Europe sent an
  47. open letter to the European Parliament and the European Commission
  48. highlighting its vendor lock-in with Microsoft</a>.</p>
  49. <h2>Using Free Software in the Netherland's education sector</h2>
  50. <p><a
  51. href="">The
  52. Free Software in education news for February</a> are out, including an update
  53. from <a href="/campaigns/nledu/">the NLEdu campaign</a>: Kevin
  54. reports that the commercial director of SchoolMaster, the largest Dutch
  55. ELO/student administration software supplier, confirmed that they will roll out
  56. a platform-independent HTML5 version in April, replacing the Silverlight
  57. version. This would make the NLEdu campaign a success as it will allow Free
  58. Software users to access the course materials with any standard compliant
  59. browser. <a
  60. href="">Kevin
  61. Keijzer published detailed information about this matter</a>.</p>
  62. <h2>Something completely different</h2>
  63. <ul>
  64. <li>For the European Parliament elections from 22 May to 25, <a
  65. href="/news/2014/news-20140304-01.html">FSFE supports the Free Software Pact
  66. by April, and the WePromise.Eu by EDRi</a>. Our volunteers worked on
  67. translations, and help <a
  68. href="">to promote
  69. the campaign</a>.</li>
  70. <li>Karsten Gerloff participated in the <a
  71. href="/news/2014/news-20140314-01.html">first meeting of the Asian Legal
  72. Network in Hong Kong</a>. Most of the people there were representatives from
  73. technology companies in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Korea. This is a series
  74. of round tables organised jointly by FSFE, Open Invention Network and Linux
  75. Foundation. Inspired by the <a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">Legal
  76. Network which FSFE has been facilitating since 2006</a>, it has the same goal:
  77. enabling legal experts to share knowledge about Free Software.</li>
  78. <li>FSFE welcomes its <a href="/news/2014/news-20140303-01.html">new
  79. Fellowship representative Stefan "Penny" Harmuth</a> in the the <a
  80. href="/about/team.html#id-general-assembly">General Assembly</a>.</li>
  81. <li>PDFreaders: <a
  82. href="">
  83. Heiki reports why we had to remove SumatraPDF from</a>, as it
  84. includes non-free code.</li>
  85. <li>Local FSFE Fellowship meetings: <a
  86. href="">Guido
  87. Arnold reports from the meeting in Frankfurt</a> including the schedule of the
  88. next events in Wiesbaden, Bad Homburg, and of course Frankfurt.
  89. Thanks to Simon Wächter our group in Zürich <a
  90. href="">resumed their
  91. monthly Fellowship meetings after some time of inactivity</a>.</li>
  92. <li>After several years, our education team coordinator <a
  93. href="">
  94. Guido Arnold finally visited the Chemnitzer Linuxtage</a>. As in previous
  95. years the FSFE had a booth there, distributing <a
  96. href="/contribute/spreadtheword.html#free-software">our new Free Software
  97. leaflet for beginners</a> which was written by our Vienna Fellowship
  98. group for a vegan festival and which is now available printed in English,
  99. German, French, and to be printed in Finnish. Beside that your editor gave
  100. a talk about the threat to the general purpose computer.</li>
  101. <li>We welcome OSB Alliance's publication of <a
  102. href="">a
  103. guide how to procure Free Software in the public administration for the
  104. German public administration</a>.</li>
  105. <li>During LibrePlanet 2014 <a
  106. href="">The
  107. Free Software Awards went to the GNOME Foundation's Outreach Program for
  108. Women and Matthew Garrett</a>, for his work to keep <a
  109. href="/campaigns/generalpurposecomputing/secure-boot-analysis.html">"Secure
  110. Boot"</a> Free Software compatible. Dan Fritzmartin documented <a
  111. href="">how
  112. he made a video for LibrePlanet using all Free Software</a>.</li>
  113. <li><a href="/campaigns/android/android.html">Free Your Android</a>: Paul
  114. Kocialkowski of Replicant <a
  115. href="">found
  116. a backdoor in the Samsung Galaxy</a>. Basically, these devices have a
  117. proprietary userspace program which accepts requests from the proprietary
  118. baseband firmware to modify the filesystem. By replacing that userspace program
  119. with a free one, this particular back-door can be closed by Replicant -- of
  120. course the proprietary modem firmware will still have sufficient control over
  121. the device to do many evil things.</li>
  122. <li>South Tyrol will increase its use of Free Software, <a
  123. href="">announced
  124. their Governor Arno Kompatscher</a>. The European Parliament wants its IT
  125. department to rehabilitate its GNU/Linux desktop pilot. On Tuesday, the <a
  126. href="">EP's
  127. committee on budgetary control accepted a request by MEPs Bart Staes and
  128. Amelia Andersdotter to restart the GNU/Linux desktop pilot</a>, which had been
  129. shelved in 2012.</li>
  130. <li>From the <a href="">planet aggregation</a>: </li>
  131. <ul>
  132. <li>Setup a call for papers, select a few talks, publish a schedule, book a
  133. venue, sell a few tickets - have fun: Essentially all it takes to organise
  134. a conference, isn't it? In theory maybe - in practice - not so much.
  135. Fellow Isabel Drost-Fromm <a
  136. href="">is
  137. sharing her experience on event organisation so others can learn from
  138. it</a>, e.g. how increasing the ticket price relates to your amount of
  139. sleep. </li>
  140. <li><a href="">Hugo Roy
  141. considers himself to be a turing complete user</a>. He points to a
  142. recommendable <a
  143. href="">essay
  144. by Olia Lialina</a>. Related to this, if you have not seen <a
  145. href="">revealing errors by Benjamin Mako
  146. Hill</a>, it is worth it.</li>
  147. <li><a
  148. href="">Henrik
  149. Sandklef wrote about what education is</a>, and he <a
  150. href="">searches
  151. for a strategy for teaching programming to newbies</a>.</li>
  152. <li>Nikos Roussos <a
  153. href="">wrote
  154. that making things distributed is hard</a>, and why centralisation happens.
  155. But although it takes effort and determination, he argues that we all together can
  156. build an Internet that is distributed.</li>
  157. <li>He also documented <a
  158. href="">how
  159. to build and run Popcorn Time from source</a>.</li>
  160. <li>Jens Lechtenbörger <a
  161. href="">describes
  162. how he pins certificates in GNU Emacs</a>.</li>
  163. <!-- removed as it seems abandoned
  164. <li>Karl runs a crowdfunding for his book <a
  165. href="">"The
  166. ideal gift for your computer-illiterate loved one"</a>.</li>
  167. -->
  168. <li>Timo Jyrinki from our Finnish team <a
  169. href="">wrote about the
  170. problems to switch to Qt 5.2.1 in Ubuntu involving roughly 130 source
  171. packages</a>.</li>
  172. <li>Franz Grazer wrote an article asking the question: <a
  173. href="">Do
  174. we need DRM?</a> arguing that Free Software should not get involved
  175. with DRM since it is all about locking things down.</li>
  176. <li>Matija documented <a
  177. href="">How
  178. to write your Pelican-powered blog using ownCloud and WebDAV</a> and
  179. reports from <a
  180. href="">his
  181. first results of testing DE razor blades for shaving with oil</a>.</li>
  182. </ul>
  183. </ul>
  184. <h2>Get active: The right not to pay for non-free software</h2>
  185. <p>The revelations from Edward Snowden concerning massive surveillance of
  186. communications demonstrates the need for each person to be able to control
  187. their computers and phones. Yet computer and telephone manufacturers and
  188. retailers typically impose on users programs that jeopardise their privacy.</p>
  189. <p>Each person should therefore have the opportunity to refuse to pay for
  190. non-free software, and be allowed to choose the programs that run on their
  191. telephone and computer, in our case a Free Software operating system and other
  192. Free Software.</p>
  193. <p>We joined <a href="">other
  194. organisations throughout the world</a> in requesting an unfettered choice of
  195. the operating system on telephones, laptops and other computing devices.</p>
  196. <p>This month we ask you to <a
  197. href="">sign the
  198. international petition</a>, and <a
  199. href="">help us promoting
  200. it</a>!</p>
  201. <p>Thanks to all the <a href="/contribute/contribute.html">volunteers</a>, <a href="">Fellows</a> and
  202. <a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">corporate donors</a> who enable our work,<br/>
  203. <a href="/about/people/kirschner">Matthias Kirschner </a> - <a href="/">FSFE</a></p>
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