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  2. <html newsdate="2014-01-04" type="newsletter">
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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter – January 2014</title>
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  7. <h1 class="p-name">FSFE Newsletter – January 2014</h1>
  8. <h2>From Yuletide to Full-Blown Winter</h2>
  9. <p newsteaser="yes">
  10. Many hackers (including us, of course!) have been enjoying the various
  11. festivities occurring around the winter solstice. But, alas!, the time
  12. to dwell on Christmas presents and enjoy a family recess is no more –
  13. the Yule has gone, the year has been made anew, and the fight for
  14. freedom and liberty demands our attention once more. Hence, it is only
  15. fitting to begin with a short review of what 2014 has got in store for
  16. us during the next few months.
  17. </p>
  18. <p>
  19. Those fond of celebrations should already have their eyes set on
  20. February 14, the yearly occasion when our website turns pink and
  21. heart-laden, and the perfect time to
  22. <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/ilovefs.html">hug developers</a> and bring
  23. loved ones to Free Software and the
  24. <a href="/fellowship/index.html">Fellowship</a>.
  25. </p>
  26. <p>
  27. Those favouring a more hands-on approach have to wait until late March
  28. to
  29. <a href="">educate their fellow citizens</a>
  30. about <a href="/activities/os/os.html">Open Standards</a>. However, it
  31. is not necessary to despair: our various
  32. <a href="/campaigns/campaigns.html">ongoing campaigns</a> are always
  33. looking for new hacktivists. Getting in touch is
  34. <a href="/contact/contact.html">easy</a>!
  35. </p>
  36. <p>
  37. And while we are on the topic, there will be many opportunities to meet
  38. our staff, volunteers, and Fellows throughout the year. For starters,
  39. FSFE is going to be present with a booth at the Free Software conference
  40. FOSDEM, which takes place on the first weekend of February at Brussels.
  41. Everyone fancying a chat or running low on
  42. <a href="/order/order.html">freedom gear</a> should stop by. Those who
  43. cannot make it to FOSDEM this year should occasionally check the events
  44. section on <a href="/#id-events">our website</a> for future opportunities to
  45. meet us.
  46. </p>
  47. <h2>Do It Yourself versus Digital Restrictions Management</h2>
  48. <p>
  49. While we are sure that many of our readers were either lucky or vocal
  50. enough to only receive Christmas presents that respect their freedom,
  51. there are probably some who find themselves in possession of items that
  52. were neither made by the giver nor appear in our sister's
  53. <a href="">Holiday Giving Guide</a>.
  54. </p>
  55. <p>
  56. We have a few recommendations for handling such gifts: some of those can
  57. be liberated (e.g.,
  58. <a href="/campaigns/android/android.html">Android devices</a>);
  59. developers working to create free replacements to various proprietary
  60. systems would most likely appreciate hardware donations (search the web
  61. for various efforts to liberate various device categories); and you
  62. might be able to hack such a gift to run Free Software.
  63. </p>
  64. <p>
  65. Whatever you have decided to do with such items, we would love to hear
  66. about your solutions. We have opened a mailing list
  67. <a href="">thread</a>
  68. on the topic and e-mails to
  69. <a href=""></a>
  70. (please be advised this is a public mailing list) are most welcome. In
  71. addition to solutions to non-free gifts, we are also looking forward
  72. to reading about freedom-respecting or DIY gifts you are truly enjoying.
  73. </p>
  74. <h2>Something Completely Different</h2>
  75. <ul>
  76. <li>
  77. This newsletter is regularly available in Romanian since December 2013
  78. . Our associate
  79. <a href="/associates/associates.html#id-fundația-ceata">Fundația Ceata</a>
  80. has taken it upon themselves to provide timely translations for which
  81. we are extremely grateful.
  82. </li>
  83. <li>
  84. From the <a href="">planet aggregation</a>:
  85. </li>
  86. <ul>
  87. <li>
  88. Our ex-Vice President Henrik Sandklef has been
  89. <a href="">busy</a>
  90. adding
  91. <a href="">LCD support</a>
  92. to Searduino. The latter post (not on the planet) also serves
  93. as a call for contributors.
  94. </li>
  95. <li>
  96. Isabel Drost-Fromm's
  97. ‘<a href="">On geeks growing up</a>’
  98. contemplates the meaning of life, or to put it more plainly,
  99. family-friendliness of various technology conferences. The
  100. positive role models Isabel has identified deserve a few words
  101. of encouragement, and to Isabel herself we say naught but
  102. Inductive Bias rocks!
  103. </li>
  104. <li>
  105. Guido Arnold, Deputy Coordinator of the Education team, has
  106. collected and summarised November news stories about
  107. <a href="">Free Software in education</a>.
  108. </li>
  109. <li>
  110. Daniel Pocock has written extensively about WebRTC
  111. (‘<a href="">Free calling from browser to mobile with free software</a>’,
  112. ‘<a href="">Get WebRTC going faster</a>’,
  113. ‘<a href="">xWiki: 10 years and a WebRTC success story</a>’).
  114. </li>
  115. <li>
  116. Paul Boddie has done the same about Kolab
  117. (‘<a href="">Adventures in Kolab Packaging and pykolab</a>’,
  118. ‘<a href="">Integrating setup-kolab with Debian Packaging</a>’).
  119. </li>
  120. <li>
  121. The last planet item to warrant an honourable mention in the
  122. newsletter under this temporary editorship is Jens Lechtenbörger's
  123. ‘<a href="">OpenPGP and S/MIME or Trust and “Trust”</a>’. Jens
  124. explains why OpenPGP should be preferred over S/MIME for e-mail
  125. encryption. Acquainting oneself with the explanation is highly
  126. recommended for anyone making use of, or contemplating the use of,
  127. e-mail encryption.
  128. </li>
  129. </ul>
  130. <li>
  131. Repentinus, one of our two Fellowship Representatives, is keeping his
  132. neck warm this winter by wearing a green-black woollen scarf featuring
  133. the Fellowship Plussy and letters "FSFE". Those among our readers who
  134. can knit can make themselves a similar scarf by following
  135. <a href="">the instructions provided by his girlfriend</a>
  136. (please be advised this link leads to a blog hosted on Blogspot;
  137. taking appropriate precautions (like using a JavaScript blocker) is
  138. recommended). The rest of our readers can either learn to knit or have
  139. someone knit this scarf for them.
  140. </li>
  141. </ul>
  142. <h2>Giving for Freedom</h2>
  143. <p>
  144. This newsletter started with a short overview of annual events waiting
  145. us in the next few months. Such celebrations, while fun and educational,
  146. require the combined efforts of volunteers and our staff to organise.
  147. In addition to requiring staff time, activities hosted as part of the
  148. celebrations require funds. Furthermore, in addition to the fun
  149. celebrations, we require funds to keep our continuous campaigns running,
  150. lobby for Free Software, advise developers on Free Software licensing,
  151. and educate technology companies on Free Software and licence
  152. compliance. Unfortunately, we have not yet secured our budget for 2014.
  153. Our readers considering supporting our work can either
  154. <a href="/donate/onetime-donation.html">make a one-time donation</a> or
  155. <a href="/fellowship/join.html">join the Fellowship</a>. We thank all
  156. our existing donors and Fellows!
  157. </p>
  158. <p>
  159. Free New Year!<br />
  160. <a href="/about/ojasild/ojasild.html">Heiki Ojasild</a> -
  161. <a href="">FSFE</a>
  162. </p>
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  165. <h3>FSFE News</h3>
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  167. <li><a href="/news/">Press Releases</a></li>
  168. <li><a href="">Planet Blogs</a></li>
  169. <li><a href="/contact/community.html">Free Software Discussions</a></li>
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