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  5. <title>FSFE Newsletter - September 2013</title>
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  8. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - September 2013</h1>
  9. <h2>F-Droid: Privacy aware software repository for Android</h2>
  10. <p><a href="">F-Droid</a> is a project that
  11. provides Free Software applications for Android via a repository system, much
  12. like most package systems of the GNU/Linux distributions. This differs from
  13. other mobile app markets, like Google Play or Apple's AppStore, since the
  14. client and server side software respect your freedoms and do not force you to
  15. register an account to use them. F-Droid's settings will value your privacy:
  16. although you can choose to enable it, by default it does not show programs
  17. which 1) show advertisement, 2) track and report your activity, promote 3)
  18. non-free add-ons or 4) non-free network services, or 5) depend on other
  19. non-free apps. That is why since the beginning of FSFE's <a
  20. href="/activities/android/android.html">"Free Your Android" campaign</a> we
  21. point people to F-Droid.</p>
  22. <p>For the last two months <a href="">Daniel
  23. Martí</a>, one of the F-Droid developers, was <a
  24. href="/contribute/internship.html">an intern in FSFE's Berlin office</a>.
  25. Beside participating in FSFE's day to day business, improving our newsletter
  26. publishing process and some other nice tools for FSFE's work, he gave two
  27. F-Droid workshops in Berlin. In the workshops he toughed others how to include
  28. new programs into the F-Droid repository, and <a
  29. href="">documented
  30. what he learnt from the first two workshops</a>. As you can see in <a
  31. href="/events/events.html">FSFE's event section</a>, Daniel already announced
  32. general <a href="">Free Your Android
  33. workshops</a> in Spain, and will also continue giving F-Droid workshops.</p>
  34. <p>To promote F-Droid Torsten Grote and others from <a
  35. href="">our android list</a>
  36. finalised a new F-Droid leaflet. So if you want to promote a Free Software
  37. repository for Android, you can <a
  38. href="/activities/android/promomaterial/fdroid-folder.pdf">print the new
  39. leaflets yourself</a>, <a
  40. href="/contribute/spreadtheword.html#free-your-android-campaign">order them
  41. from FSFE</a>, or <a href="">make a donation so FSFE can
  42. continue to distribute our leaflets widely</a>.</p>
  43. <h2>New Zealand bans software patents</h2>
  44. <p>As one of the <a
  45. href="/activities/swpat/swpat.en.html">organisations working
  46. to get rid of software patents for over a decade now</a>, and the <a
  47. href="/news/2013/news-20130612-01.en.html">recent success in
  48. Germany</a>, FSFE welcomes <a
  49. href="">New
  50. Zealand's decision to ban software patents</a>. It also contains the
  51. potentially troublesome "as such" wording, which some courts in the EU
  52. interpreted to permit software patents. But in New Zealand they made clear how
  53. to interpret this: you can only patent it if the inventive step is not merely
  54. in the software. Besides, the law seems to get around the TRIPS requirement
  55. that all inventions in all fields of technology have to be patentable by
  56. stating that computer programs are not inventions, and therefore not
  57. patentable.</p>
  58. <h2>Something completely different</h2>
  59. <ul>
  60. <li>Due to the revealed surveillance Groklaw founder <a
  61. href="">PJ
  62. announced that she does not see another way than to shut down the news
  63. site</a>. Groklaw helped to defend Free Software against FUD in the SCO
  64. case, during the <a href="/activities/msooxml/msooxml-interoperability.html">OOXML
  65. fight</a>, and followed the <a
  66. href="/activities/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.en.html">Microsoft
  67. antitrust case that FSFE won together with Samba</a>. As Fellow Paul Adams put it <a
  68. href="">"The world of IT is just that
  69. little bit less safe without Groklaw"</a>. In future it will be harder to
  70. counter big IT companies spin-doctoring.</li>
  71. <li>As every month Guido Arnold <a
  72. href="">gathered
  73. all education related news</a>. He also wrote about a <a
  74. href="">
  75. school in the southeast of England</a>, which began switching its
  76. student-facing computers to GNU/Linux. Stuart Jarvis interviewed the school's
  77. Network Manager which is a good case study to refer to.</li>
  78. <li>FSFE was also active in giving talks: Karsten Gerloff's keynote at the
  79. Euskalencounter festival in Bilbao received huge press attention in the
  80. Spanish speaking media, for example in <a
  81. href="">Tercera en
  82. Linea (Spanish)</a>. In his talk "All watched over by machines of loving
  83. grace" he talked about the question of who controls our machines.</li>
  84. <li>In a lightning talk at KDE's Akademy Matija explained <a
  85. href="/activities/ftf/fiduciary.html">FSFE's fiduciary programme</a>. The
  86. <a
  87. href="">Video
  88. recording is now available</a>.</li>
  89. <li>German Deputy coordinator Torsten Grote again spent a lot of his
  90. volunteer time to give interviews for the German radio stations, including a
  91. one hour discussion round about "securing your digital home - privacy in the
  92. internet". You find all the interviews on <a
  93. href="">FSFE's audio page</a>.</li>
  94. <li>Joinup reports that the <a
  95. href="">Valencia
  96. region government (Spain) completed a switch to LibreOffice on all of the
  97. 120,000 desktop PCs</a> of the administration, including schools and
  98. courts. They also published a summary about <a
  99. href="">France's
  100. detailed use and plans for free software</a>.</li>
  101. <li>DRM: Loosing all your e-books by going to Singapur? <a
  102. href=";1e13597c.1308">Jim
  103. O'Donnell describes how that happened to him</a>. To prevent that you can
  104. buy <a href="">DRM-free
  105. books</a>.</li>
  106. <li>Besides, David Wheeler suggests to adopt the Free Software principles to IT
  107. security. For the name he suggests <a
  108. href="">Open
  109. security</a>, </li>
  110. <li>and the Ada initiative published a <a
  111. href="">history
  112. of anti-harassment policies in the Free Software community</a>. As it is
  113. not mentioned in the article: For this year's libreplanet conference our
  114. sister organisation also had <a
  115. href="">anti harassment
  116. policy</a>.</li>
  117. <li>From the <a href="">planet aggregation</a>: </li>
  118. <ul>
  119. <li>Paul Boddie <a href="">commented
  120. the article Licensing in a Post Copyright World to clarify some
  121. points</a>, bringing some of the missing facts to the table.</li>
  122. <li>On privacy: <a href="">Henri Bergius
  123. wrote about GeoClue2</a>, which offers better privacy controls than its
  124. predecessor. The previous version of the library would provide the current
  125. location to any application; with GeoClue2, GNOME will require the user to
  126. confirm location requests from each application.</li>
  127. <li>Karl Beecher wrote about <a
  128. href="">Free Software
  129. alternatives for the post-PRISM era</a>, suggesting GNU/Linux as
  130. operating system, Kolab for e-mail, owncloud for storage. But he is looking
  131. for VoIP solutions. </li>
  132. <li>Valentin Rusu <a href="">wrote a GnuPG
  133. backend for the KDE's password manager KDE Wallet</a>, and</li>
  134. <li>in <a
  135. href="">
  136. "Bruce Schneier and the Lords of the Cloud"</a>, Karl Beecher summarises
  137. a talk by the crypto expert.</li>
  138. <li>Lucile was at the OHM festival. In her summary of the event she came to
  139. the conclusion <a
  140. href=""> that advice to
  141. activists, whose safety depends on digital security, is very
  142. complicated</a>.</li>
  143. <li>Guido Arnold found a nice <a
  144. href="">quote
  145. which says that Free Software shares the values that underlie journalism
  146. and democracy</a>, and </li>
  147. <li>reports that the Fellowship group in Rhein-Main area <a
  148. href="">
  149. tries another tactic to spread out (German)</a>.</li>
  150. <li>Kevin wrote about the connection between his new bass strings and Free
  151. Software. <a
  152. href="">
  153. Read about this connection and why this bass company moved away from
  154. Microsoft</a>.</li>
  155. <li>If you want to <a
  156. href="">help
  157. raise Martin Gollowitzer's motivation, support his health, and support
  158. Free Software all at once</a>, please donate to FSFE using "Tracking for
  159. Freedom" as the payment reference.</li>
  160. <li>On technical topics: Sam Tuke explains how to <a
  161. href="">achieve reverse reverb
  162. (echo) effect with GNU/Linux audio plugins</a>, </li>
  163. <li>Isabel Drost <a href="
  165. recommends not to switch from RDBMS to Apache Hadoop</a>, and </li>
  166. <li>"IRL" is <a
  167. href="">
  168. dreaming of a secure browser</a>.</li>
  169. </ul>
  170. </ul>
  171. <h2>Get active: Tell us which company benefits from Free Software!</h2>
  172. <p>As a non-profit organisation depending on donations, FSFE constantly has to
  173. ask people to actually donate. Although more and more of FSFE's budget comes
  174. from its <a href="">supporting members -- the Fellows</a>
  175. -- FSFE also receives donations from several companies. Most of them
  176. extensively use or write Free Software, use Free Software as a basis for their
  177. business models, or want to enable social change.</p>
  178. <p>Do you know a company which benefits a lot from Free Software and which is
  179. not <a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">yet donating to us</a>? If so please send
  180. <a href="">us an e-mail</a> with the company's
  181. name, if possible a contact name, e-mail, phone number, and a short note how
  182. they benefit from Free Software or FSFE's work. This way we are able to contact
  183. them and secure our funding.</p>
  184. <p>Thanks to all the <a href="">Fellows</a> and
  185. <a href="donate/thankgnus.html">donors</a> who enable our work,<br/>
  186. <a href="/about/people/kirschner">Matthias Kirschner </a> - <a href="/">FSFE</a></p>
  187. <p>-- <br />
  188. <a href="/index.html">Free Software Foundation Europe</a><br />
  189. <a href="/news/news.rss">FSFE News</a><br />
  190. <a href="/events/events.rss">Upcoming FSFE Events</a><br />
  191. <a href="">Fellowship Blog Aggregation</a><br />
  192. <a href="/contact/community.html">Free Software Discussions</a> </p>
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