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  2. <html newsdate="2011-09-04" type="newsletter">
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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - September 2011</title>
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  7. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - September 2011</h1>
  8. <h2>New Intern surrounded by 800 geeks?</h2>
  9. <p newsteaser="yes">The first day in a new organisation always is quite intensive, many new
  10. people, procedures, so much information. Our new intern <a
  11. href="">Eszter Bako</a> it was even more
  12. intense. She spent her first day with FSFE at the Desktop Summit, surrounded by nearly 800
  13. people talking about strange things such as KDE, Gnome, Qt, GTK, Plasma, Git, QML,
  14. D-Bus, or about <a
  15. href="">how
  16. to build a toaster</a>. For beginners the Free Software community can give a
  17. strange impression.</p>
  18. <p>Good thing that she wasn't on her own. Our experienced intern Natalia Evdokimova, who
  19. organised our booth at the event, safely guided her through the day. Beside that
  20. there were many other FSFE activists: Our president Karsten gave a talk about
  21. <a
  22. href="">
  23. "Free desktops for Europe's public sector"</a> and founding member Bernhard
  24. talked about <a
  25. href="">"Daily
  26. Melee: paid people within Free Software initiatives - How they tick, how to
  27. keep them and the art of behaving if you are one"</a>. Like you can see on
  28. our <a href="">blog aggregation</a> there were a lot of
  29. other Fellows present, including our former president Georg Greve.</p>
  30. <p>Beside Eszter joining and Natalia leaving as intern, there are more changes
  31. within our team: <a href="">Nicolas Jean's</a>
  32. internship has now ended. He was one of the most active people in the web team, and
  33. we are happy that he will remain in our volunteers team as FSFE's webmaster. <a
  34. href="">Diego Naranjo Barroso</a> and <a
  35. href="">Alessandro Polvani</a>
  36. started their internships. Diego already contacted the <a
  37. href="/campaigns/pdfreaders/buglist.html#ES">Spanish Institutions</a> for our
  38. PDFreaders campaign, and Alessandro will do the follow-up in Italy. </p>
  39. <h2>Digits to remember: 22-10-11 and 11-11-11</h2>
  40. <p>The Nordic Free Software Award is given to people, projects or organisations
  41. in the Nordic countries that have made a prominent contribution to the
  42. advancement of Free Software. <a
  43. href="">Henrik
  44. Sandklef, our vice-president, asks you</a> to submit nominations by email
  45. until October 22nd.</p>
  46. <p>The award will be announced during the <a
  47. href="">Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit
  48. (FSCONS)</a> in Gothenburg, Sweden which will take place from Friday November
  49. 11th through Sunday November 13th. The conference is organised by FSFE's
  50. Swedish team, and your editor is responsible for FSFE's <a
  51. href="">"Free Software in Politics" track</a>
  52. there. We are looking forward to see you there. (Fellows will get a discount of
  53. 10 EUR on the standard rate).</p>
  54. <h2>Something completely different</h2>
  55. <ul>
  56. <li>The importance of promoting Free Software, spreading Free Software
  57. in schools, and what role the computer sciences can play in relating the
  58. messages of Free Software to other institutions and disciplines: Read the latest <a
  59. href="">Fellowship
  60. interview</a>, in which our fellow Richard Shipman shares his thoughts on
  61. these topics.</li>
  62. <li>On Saturday 13th August Free Software
  63. activists came to FSFE’s PDF Readers Sprint in Manchester and found 59
  64. previously unreported adverts for proprietary PDF readers, all of them on UK
  65. Council websites. Check out the report about the event done by <a href="">Sam Tuke</a> and <a
  66. href="">Chris
  67. Woolfrey</a> from our UK team. </li>
  68. <li>Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is critically important to a variety
  69. of industries and professions. It is also notorious for being poorly catered
  70. for by Free Software applications. <a
  71. href="">Sam wrote a brief summary of
  72. the current situation.</a></li>
  73. <li>Support Ogg Vorbis by helping our sister FSF to reach 5.000 signatures
  74. for <a href="">their
  75. petition</a>, asking for This American Life in Ogg Vorbis. Also concerning
  76. Ogg, FSFE's UK team had a booth at the <a
  77. href="">OggCamp2011</a>.</li>
  78. <li>R-DIY Feminism Festival: FSFE will be represented at the <a
  79. href=""> DIY Feminism
  80. Festival</a> in Manchester on September 3 and 4, holding events, including talks on Free Software
  81. philosophy, Free Software and women, and an Open Street Map workshop.</li>
  82. <li>Summer time was blogging time, so here some articles from the <a
  83. href="">planet aggregation</a>:
  84. <ul>
  85. <li>With our new intern Diego J. Naranjo Barroso's help Matija prepared the
  86. Free Software and law related links covering links about the the patents
  87. war, Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, and other stories in <a
  88. href="">1.8.-14.8.</a> and <a
  89. href="">15.8.-21.8.</a>.</li>
  90. <li>Timo Jyrinki writes about <a
  91. href="">Free
  92. Software on mobile phones</a> and the <a
  93. href="">MeeGo Summit
  94. Finland</a> including <a
  95. href="">lots
  96. of pictures from the event</a>.</li>
  97. <li>Freedom Box: <a
  98. href="">Read
  99. about the progress and technical details of the Freedom Box</a>, in Bdale
  100. Garbee's report from DebConf11 in Banja Luka. If you are in the UK at the time, you can
  101. attend <a href="/news/news.html">Sam's talk on Freedom Boxes</a> in
  102. Manchester on 20 September 2011 at 19:00.</li>
  103. <li>Interested in processing images from the command line? Swedish Team
  104. member <a href="">Patrik Willard
  105. writes about how to do that</a> for the FSCONS preperations.</li>
  106. <li>Chris Woolfrey, who is doing the <a
  107. href="">Fellowship
  108. interviews</a> started blogging. His latest article is about the
  109. question, if <a
  110. href="">all
  111. the data on your work computer count as company data"</a>.</li>
  112. </ul></li>
  113. </ul>
  114. <h2>Get Active: Software Freedom Day</h2>
  115. <p>September 17th is <a href="">Software Freedom
  116. Day</a> (SFD), a worldwide celebration of Free Software. Its goal is
  117. educational, teaching people why Free Software is the best choice when it comes
  118. to using Software. Organised and coordinated by the Software Freedom
  119. International, SFD invites everyone to participate and take action on a local
  120. level. Our <a href="">Fellowship
  121. group</a> in Vienna for example invits you to a Software Freedom Party. The
  122. evening will be opened by a talk about legal aspects in Free Software, held by
  123. FSFE's new legal coordinator Matija Šuklje. The groups in <a
  124. href="">Bonn</a>, <a
  125. href="">Hamburg</a>, and <a
  126. href="">Manchester</a> also have
  127. plans.</p>
  128. <p>Contact existing groups to participate in events, or organise your own SFD
  129. activity!</p>
  130. <p>Regards,<br/>
  131. <a href="/about/kirschner">Matthias Kirschner </a> - <a href="">FSFE</a>
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