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  2. <html newsdate="2011-04-04" type="newsletter">
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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - April 2011</title>
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  7. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - April 2011</h1>
  8. <h2>A decade of Freedom: FSFE turned 10</h2>
  9. <p newsteaser="yes">
  10. One room with a bed, a desk, and a sofa. That was the situation when
  11. your editor started working as an intern for FSFE in Georg Greve's one
  12. room appartment in Hamburg in 2004. FSFE started with its operations
  13. in <a href="/news/2011/news-20110310-01.html">March 2001</a> as the first
  14. sister organisation of the FSF in the US. We have come <a href="/about/history/birthday10.html">a
  15. long way</a> since then.
  16. First of all, our interns don't get Georg's mandatory cooking lessons any more,
  17. instead they now have their own desks and do not have to work from the
  18. sofa any more. Second, we now have the Fellowship which leads to a growth
  19. of volunteers and activities:</p>
  20. <ul>
  21. <li>In the UK, Sam Tuke is currently busy setting up a punchy team. They
  22. are giving talks, organising events, and documenting
  23. <a href="/uk/mapping-uk.html">the developments</a> in the future
  24. role of Free Software in the British public sector.</li>
  25. <li>Our Italian team is currently supporting ADUC to get rid of the
  26. <a href="">Windows Tax</a>. ADUC is
  27. an Italian association for users/consumers' rights who recently filed a
  28. class action request against Microsoft Italy's refusal of reimbursing
  29. unused OEM licences for its operating system. Carlo Piana is helping
  30. ADUC's lawyers and Giacomo Poderi with the Italian team will help to
  31. <a href="/news/2011/news-20110321-01.html">raise awareness on this issue</a>.</li>
  32. <li>In Switzerland you have a confusing landscape of different Free
  33. Software organisations, which have problems with coordination. It was
  34. nearly impossible to find out what is going on in the next weeks, or
  35. to find a date for an activity which does not interfere with another
  36. group. That's why the Zurich Fellowship group has now set up an event
  37. calendar on <a href=""></a> to
  38. improve this situation.</li>
  39. <li>Our Swedish team was actively publishing
  40. <a href="">videos from FSCONS</a>.
  41. Last year in
  42. November, we hosted our own track at FSCONS around different topics of
  43. decentralised (social) networks and free network services. Now the
  44. <a href="">videos of the talks</a>
  45. are finally online.</li>
  46. <li>This year there are at least 8 Federal State elections in Germany. The
  47. German team already received replies from the parties in
  48. <a href="/campaigns/ayc/">Sachsen-Anhalt</a>,
  49. <a href="/campaigns/ayc/">Rheinland-Pfalz</a>,
  50. and <a href="/campaigns/ayc/">Baden-Würrtemberg</a>
  51. on questions like general support of Free Software, problems of vendor
  52. lock-in, <a href="/activities/os/os.html">Open Standards</a>,
  53. <a href="/campaigns/pdfreaders/pdfreaders.html">non-free PDF readers advertisements</a>
  54. on public websites, the use of <a href="/activities/education/education.html">Free Software in education</a>,
  55. and <a href="/campaigns/swpat/swpat.html">software patents</a>. The same will
  56. be done for the remaining elections.</li>
  57. </ul>
  58. <h2>Worldwide celebration of Open Standards</h2>
  59. <p>
  60. Open Standards are a common language, publicly documented, that computer
  61. programs can speak. They are central to interoperability and freedom of
  62. choice in technology. Open Standards allow Free Software developers to
  63. create programs that can interoperate with other solutions, so users can
  64. migrate away from proprietary solutions.
  65. </p>
  66. <p>
  67. Many of you followed our call to participate in this year's Document
  68. Freedom Day: in Brazil, the Federal Data Processing Company - Serpro -
  69. hold events in 10 cities. In the European Parliament, experts discussed
  70. Open Standards as a means to guarantee access to cultural works in the
  71. long term. Other groups participated in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil,
  72. Croatia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Portugal,
  73. Spain and United Kingdom. Selected FSFE activities include:
  74. <ul>
  75. <li>The City Munich was awarded with the European Document Freedom Day
  76. prize for its <a href="/news/2011/news-20110330-02.html">LiMux project</a>.</li>
  77. <li><a href="/news/2011/news-20110330-01.html"> awarded</a> for
  78. the use of Open Standards: The prize was
  79. awarded in Berlin and Hamburg by the Foundation for a Free Information
  80. Infrastructure (FFII) and us for offering the broadcast shows also
  81. in the free video format "Ogg Theora". As you can see on the
  82. <a href="">pictures</a> (DE) the cake
  83. was amazing (also available <a href="">in French</a>)</li>
  84. <li>"A bright Document Freedom Day for Britain?"
  85. about <a href="/news/2011/news-20110330-04.html">Open Standards in Britain</a>.</li>
  86. </ul>
  87. </p>
  88. <h2>Something completely different</h2>
  89. <ul>
  90. <li>Redhat made $909 million with Free Software and Nokia is spreading
  91. FUD?: After Mirko Böhm wrote <a href="">an interesting analysis</a>
  92. on the current Nokia move, your editor <a href="">commented on Nokia's announcement</a>
  93. about selling the proprietary Qt business to Digia. This also led to
  94. interesting discussions on our public mailing lists about the meaning of
  95. "commercial". </li>
  96. <li>Our freshly elected Fellowship representative
  97. <a href="/news/2011/news-20110301-01.html">Hugo Roy</a> wrote about <a href="">IPRED</a> (FR).</li>
  98. <li><a href="">Fellowship
  99. Interview with Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen</a>. Dan describes the
  100. aims of these exciting gaming projects, and discusses what Free
  101. Software could mean for gaming in future.</li>
  102. <li>New Legal News available for <a href="">19.02.-25.02.</a>,
  103. <a href="">26.02.-04.03.</a>,
  104. <a href="">05.03.-13.03.</a>,
  105. <a href="">14.03.-20.03.</a>,
  106. <a href="">21.03.-28.03.</a></li>
  107. <li><a href="">2010 Free Software Awards</a>
  108. go to: Rob Savoye and the TOR project.
  109. Savoye is a long-time free software hacker, who has worked on GNU and
  110. other free software for over 20 years. TOR is enabling people around
  111. the world to experience freedom of access and expression on the
  112. Internet while keeping them in control of their privacy and anonymity.</li>
  113. <li>The FSF <a href="">welcomed
  114. Debian's "Squeeze" release</a>.
  115. Debian GNU/Linux also received a prize at the Cebit, where Karsten
  116. Gerloff held the <a href="/events/2011/lnm-award-debian.html">laudatio</a>.</li>
  117. </ul>
  118. <h2>Get Active - Translations for free PDF readers</h2>
  119. <p>During <a href="/campaigns/pdfreaders/pdfreaders">our pdfreaders campaign</a>
  120. we received the
  121. feedback that it is difficult to use some free PDF readers, as the
  122. download pages, or the actual software is not translated. Since then our
  123. intern Nicoulas Jean is in contact with several free PDF reader developers.
  124. Take a look at <a href="">our list of PDF readers</a>
  125. and how to help them with translation, and take action:
  126. <ul>
  127. <li>Help translating your favorite PDF reader and ask others to do so.</li>
  128. <li>Find out how to help with translations of the missing readers and add
  129. this information it to the website.</li>
  130. </ul>
  131. </p>
  132. <p>Regards,<br/>
  133. <a href="/about/kirschner">Matthias Kirschner </a> - <a href="">FSFE</a></p>
  134. <p>-- <br />
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