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  5. <title>FSFE Newsletter - June 2009</title>
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  8. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - June 2009</h1>
  9. <p>June has definitely been a thrilling month. Besides our ongoing
  10. activities with Fellowship meetings, participations to events such as
  11. the LinuxTag in Berlin, most of our energy and attention were directed
  12. at the General Assembly (GA) held in Miraflores de la Sierra.</p>
  13. <p>This has been an important event for our organisation since, for the
  14. first time, it included a representative of the Fellowship; it
  15. presented our new Spanish team and gave the chance for community
  16. building during the social event, but more importantly, it put in
  17. place our new Executive Team!</p>
  18. <p>Read on to get to know them!</p>
  19. <p align="right"><a href="">Giacomo Poderi</a></p>
  20. <h3>Table of Contents</h3>
  21. <ol>
  22. <li><a href="#1" name="TOC1">FSFE participates at "LinuxTag 2009", Berlin, 24-27 June</a></li>
  23. <li><a href="#2" name="TOC2">Social event and presentation of Spanish team, Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain, 20 June</a></li>
  24. <li><a href="#3" name="TOC3">The account from the first Fellowship representative at the GA</a></li>
  25. <li><a href="#4" name="TOC4">Two year Executive Summary (2007-2009)</a></li>
  26. <li><a href="#5" name="TOC5">Fellowship meeting in Berlin, 11 June</a></li>
  27. <li><a href="#6" name="TOC6">It's time for the community to take charge of its brand</a></li>
  28. <strong>In the spotlight</strong>
  29. <li><a href="#7" name="TOC7">The new Executive Team appointed at FSFE's General Assembly 2009</a></li>
  30. <strong>It happened in the past</strong>
  31. <li><a href="#8" name="TOC8">Introducing the translators team</a></li>
  32. <strong>Upcoming events</strong>
  33. <li><a href="#9" name="TOC9">FSFE booth at RMLL Nantes, France, 07-11 July</a></li>
  34. <li><a href="#10" name="TOC10">Fellowship Meeting in Berlin, 09 July</a></li>
  35. </ol>
  36. <p></p>
  37. <h3><a name="1"/>FSFE participates at "LinuxTag 2009", Berlin, 24-27 June</h3>
  38. <p>We participated with a booth at the "LinuxTag", in Berlin, as in the years
  39. before. The event took place at Berlin's Expo Center from 24-27 June, and
  40. attracted about 10,000 visitors interested in Free Software at all kind of
  41. levels, 135 exhibitors and about 300 speakers. This year, our booth was
  42. coordinated by Lena Simon and Matthias Kirschner with the valuable help
  43. of 12 volunteers, who manned it over the four days event. This year our
  44. booth included some novelties such as brand new leaflets,
  45. an introductory comic strip to the Fellowship and the alpha version of a
  46. booth game named "GNUstav the GNU". Read more about it on Matthias' and
  47. Torsten's blog posts:</p>
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  49. <li><a href=""></a></li>
  50. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  52. <h3><a name="2"/>Social event and presentation of Spanish team, Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain, 20 June</h3>
  53. <p>On Saturday 20 June, after a public presentation of our Spanish team,
  54. all General Assembly (GA) members, Fellows and friends were invited to
  55. the "compile your own"-Cocktail-Party. Roughly 30 people adapted the
  56. four basic principles of Free Software to the art of cocktail
  57. mixing. The raw materials were deployed at La Cristalera and the party
  58. people were provided with the source code of various cocktails. This
  59. social event was a valuable chance for community building and
  60. strengthen of personal ties amongst colleagues and friends.</p>
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  62. <li><a href="/news/2009/ga2009.html"></a></li>
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  64. <h3><a name="3"/>The account from the first Fellowship representative at the GA</h3>
  65. <p>Torsten Grote is the first Fellow elected to represent the Fellowship
  66. at FSFE's GA. In Miraflores de la Sierra, he had the chance to participate
  67. in high level decision-making process within the organisation. He has
  68. already reported with an e-mail to all Fellows, his views on the experience.
  69. Torsten said, "I was surprised how much influence I had on the decisions
  70. that were made". He continues "My concerns and proposals were not treated
  71. differently from the ones of any other member. This way I had considerable
  72. influence on all the decisions made and was able to check if the executive
  73. team does and will do its job properly." Torsten will keep his blog up
  74. to date to include more coverage on the GA. Don't miss it!</p>
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  76. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  78. <h3><a name="4"/>Two year Executive Summary (2007-2009)</h3>
  79. <p>In preparation of the General Assembly (GA) of this year, Georg Greve,
  80. former FSFE's President, drafted the biennial executive summary on the
  81. work of the organisation, which is now available on-line. The document
  82. summarises the cornerstone activities in various areas such as the
  83. Microsoft Antitrust Case, open standards, the United Nations and the
  84. legal work of the Freedom Task Force. The Executive Summary is a good
  85. resource to understand the current changes and further directions of
  86. our organisation.</p>
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  88. <li><a href="/documents/reports/es-2009.html"></a></li>
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  90. <h3><a name="5"/>Fellowship meeting in Berlin, 11 June</h3>
  91. <p>The Fellowship group of Berlin met on 11 June in the Newthinking Store
  92. at Tucholskystraße 48. At the meeting, Sabine Stengel from Cartogis
  93. gave a talk about OpenStreetMap, which was followed by an inspiring
  94. discussion. The preparation for the LinuxTag was another main topic of
  95. the evening. Torsten answered Fellows' questions about his new role
  96. as representative at the GA. About 25 Fellows and interested guests
  97. participated in the two hours official meeting, and also joined for a
  98. more informal social gathering at the pub.</p>
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  100. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  102. <h3><a name="6"/>It's time for the community to take charge of its brand</h3>
  103. <p>As the terms "Free Software" and "Open Source" are becoming more and
  104. more mainstream we are seeing many companies that want to 'jump on the
  105. bandwagon', branding anything they produce as Free or Open Source
  106. Software. However, it often happens that the mixed models they want to
  107. sell are far from what we would call Free Software. Georg published a
  108. concise post with the title "It's time for the community to take
  109. charge of its brand", which focuses on current corporate practices of
  110. mixing models and depriving the community of their meaning and
  111. understanding of Free Software.</p>
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  113. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  115. <h2>In the spotlight</h2>
  116. <h3><a name="7"/>The new Executive Team appointed at FSFE's General Assembly 2009</h3>
  117. <p>Our yearly GA meeting was held in Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain, on
  118. 19-21 June. It brought about a lot of changes. Torsten in the role of
  119. first Fellowship's representative was there, our Spanish team, who
  120. hosted and organised the meeting, was formally presented and, most
  121. exciting, the new Executive Team was deliberated upon and formally set
  122. it up.</p>
  123. <p>Karsten Gerloff, Fernanda Weiden, Christian Holz, Adrian de Groot,
  124. Matthias Kirschner and Reinhard Müller are the people who will lead
  125. FSFE for the coming years. They are, respectively, our new President,
  126. Vice-President, Executive Director, FTF coordinator, Fellowship
  127. coordinator and Financial Officer. Georg Greve, who founded the
  128. organisation together with others and chaired it during the past eight
  129. years says about the new team: "There is no doubt in my mind that
  130. these extraordinary people are a dream team to ensure both continuity
  131. and change towards a better, larger, and more successful FSFE."</p>
  132. <p>The new Executive Team is well aware of the capabilities of the
  133. organisation and will work to strengthen it even further. Karsten,
  134. FSFE's new President, says: "Georg Greve and his team have done
  135. splendid work over the past eight years, building FSFE out of nothing
  136. into an organisation that is highly respected and trusted as an expert
  137. group on Free Software, and as a reliable partner in policy making and
  138. negotiations." Fernanda, FSFE's Vice-President, continues: "The people
  139. in this organisation have a deep understanding not only of technology
  140. itself, but also of its social and political aspects. Together, we
  141. can continue to develop cutting-edge thinking on how we as a society
  142. handle knowledge, and how we can best make the most of technology."</p>
  143. <p>More information about the new team and how to contact them can be
  144. found here:</p>
  145. <ul>
  146. <li><a href="/about/team.html"></a></li>
  147. </ul>
  148. <p>Relevant links:</p>
  149. <ul>
  150. <li><a href="/news/2009/news-20090624-01.html"></a></li>
  151. <li><a href="/news/2009/ga2009.html"></a></li>
  152. <li><a href="/documents/reports/es-2009.html"></a></li>
  153. <li><a href=""></a></li>
  154. </ul>
  155. <h2>It happened in the past</h2>
  156. <h3><a name="8"/>Introducing the translators team</h3>
  157. <p>The international reach of our organisation demands that our
  158. information and documents are available in as many languages as
  159. possible. Five years ago we decided to give space for a flexible,
  160. responsive, and well coordinated translator team to grow. The decision
  161. has paid off extremely well. As of today, most of the content on
  162. is available in 27 languages. Thanks to our
  163. volunteers for their excellent job!</p>
  164. <ul>
  165. <li><a href="">Newsletter June 2004</a></li>
  166. </ul>
  167. <h2>Upcoming events</h2>
  168. <h3><a name="9"/>FSFE booth at RMLL Nantes, France, 07-11 July</h3>
  169. <p>The 10th RMLL, "Rencontre Mondial de Logiciel Libre" (LSM, Libre
  170. Software Meeting) is taking place at Nantes. Rainer Kersten will
  171. organise a FSFE booth there. RMLL is the most important Free Software
  172. event in France and some 5000 visitors are expected.</p>
  173. <p>Whoever would like to come and help is highly welcome. To coordinate,
  174. please contact:</p>
  175. <ul>
  176. <li><a href="">dus &lt;AT&gt; office &lt;DOT&gt; fsfeurope &lt;DOT&gt; org</a></li>
  177. <li><a href=""></a></li>
  178. </ul>
  179. <h3><a name="10"/>Fellowship Meeting in Berlin, 09 July</h3>
  180. <p>The local Berlin Fellowship group will meet on 9 July at 7.30 pm at
  181. the Newthinking Store, in Tucholskystraße 48. This time there will be
  182. a discussion with representatives from political party youth
  183. organisations about Free Software. As always, guests are welcome to
  184. join.</p>
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  186. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  188. <p></p>
  189. <p>You can find a list of all FSFE newsletters on</p>
  190. <a href="/news/newsletter.html"></a>
  191. <p>You can join the Fellowship and find how to support us on</p>
  192. <a href=""></a>
  193. <a href="/contribute/contribute.html"></a>
  194. <p>You can order our merchandise at</p>
  195. <a href="/order/order.html"></a>
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