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<html newsdate="2022-05-31">
<title>Volunteers organise ‘Public Money? Public code!’ tour in Italy</title>
<h1 id="volunteers-organise-public-money-public-code-tour-in-italy">Volunteers organise ‘Public Money? Public code!’ tour in Italy</h1>
Code paid by the people should be available to the people!
Volunteers will present the ‘Public Money? Public Code!’ campaign
in Trento, Bologna, and Caltanissetta. If you live in Italy, now you
have a perfect chance to learn more about the initiative and
support it.
We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software
developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a
Free Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public
code as well. More than <a href="">30.000
people and 200 organisations</a> adopt this position. Public
administrations that use Free Software do not have to reinvent the
wheel in programming similar applications, so they can share costs
and save taxpayers’ money. The use of Free Software serves the
public and promotes innovation too, as users can utilise the code
found in the public digital infrastructure. The FSFE explains the
benefits of Free Software and shares best practices in the
dedicated ‘Public Money? Public Code!’ <a href="">brochure</a>
for public administrations. Volunteers translated the brochure into
<a href="­">Italian</a>.
<h2 id="italian-tour">Italian tour</h2>
<img src=""
alt="two people reading the PMPC brochure" />
Join the presentation of the ‘Public Money? Public Code!’ brochure.
Meet the people behind the Italian translations of the FSFE,
talk with people who substantially contribute to software
freedom in Italy, and learn how the digitalisation of the Italian
public sector can be improved. Find out how you, too, can support
‘Public Money? Public Code!’ in Italy.
<h2 id="trento">Trento</h2>
<strong>Tuesday, 7 June</strong> 2022 at 18.00 Location: Faculty of
Sociology - Room 7, Via Verdi 26, Trento For Covid-19 standards,
reservation required. Please <a href="">let us know</a> you
are coming.
<li>Patrick Ohnewein - Italian FSFE vice-coordinator</li>
<li>Marco Ciampa - FSFE translator and Free Software activist</li>
<li>Raul Masu - FSFE translator, Nova University of Lisbon</li>
<li>Lorenzo Angeli - UNITN researcher</li>
<li>Maurizio Marchese</li>
<li>Vincenzo D&#39;Andrea - UNITN</li>
<h2 id="bologna">Bologna</h2>
<strong>Wednesday, 8 June</strong> 2022 at 18.30
Location: Sala fondazione 2000, piazza dell'Unità 4, Bologna
<p>Presenters: </p>
<li>Massimo Bugani - Digital Agenda Bologna - M5S </li>
<li>Pina Civitella - UI Application and Data Manager of Bologna Municipality </li>
<li>Leda Guidi - Fondazione Innovazione Urbana (Urban Innovation Lab. ) </li>
<li>Raul Masu - FSFE translator, Nova University of Lisbon </li>
<li>Marco Trotta - Bologna Civic Coalition</li>
<li>Simone Jacca - Innovation and Digital Transition Manager - PD Bologna</li>
<h2 id="keep-in-touch">Keep in touch</h2>
The FSFE volunteers plan to organise presentations of the ‘Public
Money? Public Code!’ campaign in other cities too. As the tour is
organised by volunteers, we encourage you to directly get the news
from them by subscribing to the mailing lists and chat rooms of
Italian local groups <a href="">Milano</a> and <a href="">Sicily</a>. The
next event is in Caltanissetta on June 18th.
<h2 id="get-the-brochure">Get the brochure</h2>
Download the brochure from <a href="/activities/publiccode/brochure.html">here</a>.
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