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<html newsdate="2022-05-03">
<title>European Parliament votes for Free Software in AI resolution </title>
<h1>European Parliament votes for Free Software in AI resolution</h1>
<p>Today the European Parliament passed a resolution on Artificial
Intelligence (AI) with a huge majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against
and 102 abstentions. There are many references to the advantages of Free
Software included in the text - the FSFE now urges the Parliament to
transfer its own position into the AI regulation.
<p>The resolution states that in public procurement Free Software
should be mandated, where appropriate, with the goal to encourage cross
border collaboration. The parliament also highlights the importance of
Free Software as a way to enhance investments and boost innovation in
AI technologies in the EU.
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<figcaption>Artificial Intelligence starts with machine learning</figcaption>
<blockquote><em>"We welcome the assessment and the demands of the
European Parliament. With this resolution, the Parliament recognises
the importance and relevance of Free Software for AI." explains Lina
Ceballos, FSFE Project Manager.</em></blockquote>
<p>The FSFE demands with its "Public Money? Public Code!" Initiative
that publicly financed software made publicly available under a Free
Software licence. It is also important to rely on Free Software in AI
as it helps to foster innovation, boosts local economy, ensures
transparency and thus helps to protect fundamental rights.
<blockquote><em>“We ask Members of the European Parliament to take into
account their position they voted on today and make sure this important
position on Free Software and AI will be also included in regulation.”
demands Alexander Sander, FSFE Policy Consultant.</em></blockquote>
<p>In the upcoming weeks the European Parliament will get closer to its
position on the AI regulation, until end of May members can table
amendments to the commission text from which the position of the
Parliament is formed. The FSFE recently <a href="/news/2022/news-20220330-01.html">shared a dedicated
document for decision-makers</a>, with elaborated arguments on the use
of Free Software in AI technologies, which highlights the benefits that
Free Software can offer to this crucial regulation.
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