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<html newsdate="2022-03-10">
<title>"I Love Free Software Day": Free Software
games and a SharePic generator</title>
<h1>"I Love Free Software Day": Free Software games
and a SharePic generator</h1>
<p>Since 2010 the Free Software Foundation Europe has been
organising the yearly "I Love Free Software Day". Together
with hundreds of Free Software enthusiasts we celebrated our love for
Free Software on the 14th of February. To all of you who took part
and celebrated the "I Love Free Software Day", we would
like to thank you so much.</p>
<p>In 2022 we have worked very hard on creating something new
and fun for this year's "I Love Free Software Day". So we
have set a topic for the day and focused on Free Software games.
Besides the special podcast episode about the Free Software game <a
href="/podcast/episode-13.html">"0 A.D.: Empires
Ascendant"</a> with its project leader, Stanislas Dolcini,
we have organised an event dedicated to Free Software games.</p>
alt="I Love Free Software Day: gaming event logo in blue"
<h3>The "I Love Free Software Day: gaming event"</h3>
<p>For our two hour event the Free Software Foundation Europe
has hosted four speakers, who took us into the world of Free Software
games. Afterwards we started to play the Free Software game <a
href="">Veloren</a>. Our first
talk was from Justin Jacobs , the engine developer and campaign
designer of the game <a href="">Flare</a>.
Our next speaker was Kati Baker,, with who we discovered the
organisation of <a href="">Godot
Wild Jams</a>, and with Joel Uckelman we learned about the
development of the game engine <a
Last but not least Forest Anderson introduced us to the game Veloren.
Roughly 60 people joined the event; around half of them joined us in
our <a href="">own
BigBlueButton</a> instance and the other half in the stream we
provided. For the technical set up of our stream and BigBlueButton
instance we had great support by our system hacker Alvar Penning and
our <a href="">System
Hackers</a> coordinator Max Mehl.</p>
alt="Kati Baker presenting Godot Wild Jams during the
ilovefs gaming event" />
<p>We enjoyed the gaming event a lot and would like to say
thank you to all of you who participated and supported the event. The
recordings of the event are available on our <a
href="">Peertube instance</a>
or on our <a
<h3>Show your love for Free Software</h3>
<p>For this year's "I Love Free Software Day" we have
also introduced some more creative ways to express your gratitude to
Free Software contributors. Therefore the FSFE has released a series
of new videos for this special day. In the videos staffers and
volunteers alike say their thanks to different Free Software
projects. Among others, Lina Ceballos has <a
the Free Software projects "AntennaPod" and "funkwhale"</a>
for their great work, and FSFE's Financial Officer, Patrick Ohnewein,
has expressed his gratitude <a
all of those who contribute</a> to Free Software. For more
inspirational videos and quotes have a look at our updated <a
they love Free Software"</a> page.</p>
<figcaption>Marlene Kietreiber is saying thank you to
the Free Software project "Blender"</figcaption>
<video width="100%" crossorigin="crossorigin"
<source type="video/mp4; codecs=&quot;avc1.42E01E,
<source type="video/webm; codecs=&quot;vp9,
<p>Finally yet importantly,
the FSFE together with the system hacker Alvar Penning has created
our very own <a href="">SharePic
generator</a>. With this tool everyone can easily make their
own SharePic and share it via the various social media channels. Let
your creativity run free and show your support for software freedom.
This would not have been possible without the work on the SharePic
design by our volunteer Florian Snow and our former intern Marlene
alt="sharepic for #ilovefs by Niharika Singhal"/>
<figcaption>Niharika Singhal showing her love for Free
<h3>Celebrating our love for software freedom</h3>
<p>As in previous years, #ilovefs has been the number one in
the Fediverse network, with over 47 thousand mentions and over 20
thousand users talking about their love for Free Software.</p>
alt="Fediverse, #ilovefs number one" />
<figcaption>Fediverse, #ilovefs number one</figcaption>
<p>People and organisations have also celebrated their love for
Free Software outside the various social media channels. As can bee
seen by O’Reilly, the publisher of Matthias Kirschner's children's
book <a href="/activities/childrensbook/">"Ada
&amp; Zangemann"</a>, who have also participated and
shared their love for software freedom.</p>
alt="Publisher O'Reilly is sharing their love for software
<figcaption>Publisher O'Reilly is sharing their love for
software freedom</figcaption>
<p>Another creative way to express their thanks and love for
Free Software has been used by the German association <a
They have written a whole bunch of love letters to different Free
Software projects.</p>
alt="Love letters to Free Software projects written by
<figcaption>Picture: Markus Hamid <a
4.0</a>, Digitalcourage e.V. is sharing their love letters to
Free Software projects</figcaption>
<p>Those are just some of the people who have shown their love
for Free Software on the “I Love Free Software Day”. Many more
have participated by sharing their love and gratitude via different
social media channels.</p>
<p>In case you missed your opportunity to thank your favourite
project, mark February 14 as "I Love Free Software Day" in
your calendar for next year. But remember, you can always and without
any special occasion express your gratitude and appreciation
throughout the entire year. You do not need a special day, as there
is simply no wrong time for that!</p>
<p>We would like to thank everyone involved in and contributing
to this day, as well as the countless developers, translators,
community managers, artists and anyone else involved in Free
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