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<html newsdate="2022-02-25">
<title>Upcycling Android: anchoring software freedom into European ecodesign</title>
<h1>Upcycling Android: anchoring software freedom into European ecodesign</h1>
At the Free Software Foundation Europe, we advocate for the universal right to
install and de-install any operating system and software on any device. The update
of the European ecodesign gives a historical chance to make this right part of
European legislation. Our Upcycling Android campaign marks the beginning of our
More and more often we see pretty good hardware going to waste simply because
the software or operating system running on it stops being supported. This is
bizarre, considering the environmental footprint each of these electronic devices
comes with. And it would be avoidable to a serious extent if users would have the
legal right and technical liberty to install any fitting Free Software operating
system on their own devices, as well as any software.
<img src="" alt="This is a Screenshot from the UA campaign video showing Free Software" />
A screenshot from our <a href="">Upcycling Android video</a>.
<h2>Reusing General Purpose Computers</h2>
2022 is a decisive year for this demand: the European Union is about to reformulate
their ecodesign criteria of products with several directives, from the 'Sustainable
Product Initiative' to the 'Circular Electronics Initiative' to the 'Right to
Repair'. We started to <a href="">
consult the European Commission</a> as early as possible on this. But since a
multi-billion Euro industry of continuously selling newly manufactured devices
with short-term supports is at stake, counter-lobbyism has also already started.
A positive outcome is far from certain; and another update to the European ecodesign
is not to be expected in this decade. If the role of software freedom is not considered
as essential to the longevity and re-usability of our devices this time, the throw-away
culture will continue.
The solution is obvious: At the FSFE we want to empower people using general purpose
computers with <a href="/freesoftware/sustainability/sustainability.html#general-purpose-computers">
the right to install any operating system on any device</a>. Manufacturers must not
be allowed to create artificial restrictions preventing users from installing Free
Software operating systems. We advocate for the necessary changes in the upcoming
legislations, and you can empower us seizing the opportunity and bring a long-lasting
change for European consumers and into the European markets.
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<p>Help us to push for the universal right to install Free Software</p>
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<h2>Upcycling Android workshops</h2>
Meanwhile, we already start making a difference. With our <a href="/activities/upcyclingandroid/">Upcycling Android</a>
campaign, we show how we can use Free Software operating systems on our phones
to fix software obsolescence, and keep using them longer. To help with this procedure,
we are cooperating with local groups and give workshops together, showing people how to
flash their phones. Your support will allow us to offer Upcycling Android workshops
throughout Europe, and let people enjoy an ongoing usage of their phone!
From legislation to workshops, let's maximise our efforts for software freedom and
environmental protection. We demand true device neutrality to make technology long-lasting
and repairable. Meanwhile, we extend our hardware lifespan and spare the planet
the environmental impact of producing unnecessary new phones.
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