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<html newsdate="2022-02-01">
<title> ❤ Let's celebrate together the next I Love Free Software Day! </title>
<h1> ❤ Let's celebrate together the next I Love Free Software Day!</h1>
Every 14th of February, people around the world celebrate the
“I Love Free Software Day”. On this day we show our love for Free
Software and thank all the people contributing to software freedom.
This year, we are organising a whole event dedicated to Free
Software games.
Although many of us depend on Free Software every day,
contributors to those projects usually remain invisible. This is
one of the main reasons that drive us to celebrate this day. We
want to highlight the valuable work of all the people who
contribute to software freedom, and take the time to say thank
<p>There are three different ways you can join us for this
celebration. Spoiler alert: all of them are a lot of fun!
<h2 id="let-s-play-together-">Let&#39;s play together!</h2>
<figure class="max-width-85 no-border">
<img src=""
alt="Invitation Free Software Games Online Event: 14th February 18:00 - 20:00CET"/>
For the <a href="/activities/ilovefs/">I Love Free Software Day
2022</a>, we have prepared something special and fun for you: an event
dedicated to Free Software games. The event takes place online on
14 February 2022 at 18:00-20:00 CET. For the first part of our
event, our three expert guests in Free Software games, game
engines, and Game Jams will share their experiences, and will
immerse us in the world of Free Software games. After this, we
invite you to play <a href="">Veloren</a> with
For technical reasons, we are asking people who want to
take part in the whole event via our BigBlueButton instance to <a
href="">register</a> in
advance (registration is now closed). The number of participants in this instance is limited.
But, do not worry if you do not want to register or if you are too
late to do so. The talks will be <a href="">streamed online</a>, and you will be
able to watch them without registration. You just won&#39;t be
able to join us for the second part of the event in which we will be
playing games together.
<h2 id="show-your-love-with-a-pic-">Show your love with a pic!</h2>
You can also celebrate the I Love Free Software Day by sending a
thank you message to your favourite Free Software project for their
valuable work. You can do this, for example, on your preferred
social network with the hashtag #ilovefs. If you prefer images over
words, please use our brand new <a
href="">Sharepic Generator</a> to create
your very own pictures. It is simple to use and you have a nice
graphic to share in two minutes. Let your imagination run free and
show your appreciation for Free Software with an #ilovefs image.
<figure class="max-width-85 no-border">
<img src=""
alt="Picture made with our sharepic generator"/>
<h2 id="listen-to-our-special-i-love-free-software-podcast-episode-">Listen to our special I Love Free Software podcast episode!</h2>
Have you heard of 0 A.D: Empires Ascendant? Or even better, have
you played it?
For our special podcast episode, Bonnie
Mehring - FSFE Junior Project Manager - and Stanislas Dolcini -
Project Lead of this well-known Free Software game - talk about the
development of the game, its history, the kind of support that is
needed, and the highlights of developing a Free Software game. You
can listen to the <a href="/news/podcast/episode-13.html">whole
episode</a>, and share it with your community. We bet you will want
to play 0 A.D after listing to this episode.
Join us on this special day in the way that you prefer. Either
by learning more about Free Software games from our expert guests,
by having fun playing together with our community members, and/or
by sharing your love for Free Software. Remember that this is a
small gesture that means a lot.
<figure class="max-width-85 no-border">
<img src="" alt="HashtagIloveFS"/>
Don't let this day pass without saying thank you!
Happy <strong><span class="text-danger">I Love Free Software</span></strong> Day everyone! ❤
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<image url="" alt="Invitation Free Software Games Online Event: 14th February 18:00 - 20:00CET"/>