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<html newsdate="2022-01-27">
<title>The FSFE at FOSDEM 2022</title>
<h1>The FSFE at FOSDEM 2022</h1>
<p>As in 2021, this year's FOSDEM will take place online. But this is neither stopping
us from once again co-hosting the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom nor from being present
with a digital booth. We are excited and look forward to presenting you an interesting
programme throughout the whole weekend.</p>
<p>As every year, the FSFE will be present at <a href="">FOSDEM</a>, the biggest
annual Free Software event in Europe. In this year's edition we will co-host the
<a href="">Legal and Policy Issues Devroom </a> for the second
time – unfortunately only digitally again. Nonetheless, we have prepared an exciting schedule for you on Saturday
and hope to see you there.
<img src="" alt="FSFE booth 2018"/>
<figcaption>A picture from our booth in 2018. While FOSDEM will be online again this year, we look
forward welcoming you at our digital booth.</figcaption>
<p>This year's edition will be kicked off at 13:00 CET by a talk by Masafumi Ohta
on <a href="">"How to teach OSS licenses and compliances at a university"</a>. He teaches this subject at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan.
<p>At 13:30 CET, Italo Vignoli, a well-known Free Software advocate and a marketing and public relations consultant, gives a presentation
on <a href="">"Why the pandemic could help FOSS, but was a win for proprietary software"</a>.
<p>Christopher Klootz, a security expert, presents a talk on <a href="">"A globally unified
governance framework for Open Source - International arbitration to harmonize the security provisions of sovereign states and Open Source?
The Java Virtual Machine, Ceph and abstraction layers"</a> at 14:00 CET.</p>
<p>At 14.30 CET Vittorio Bertola, in charge for innovation and policy activities at Open-Xchange, gives a follow-up on his talk from
last year and will present <a href="">"An update on the Digital Markets Act - The
new European rules for online competition"</a>.</p>
<p>Lucas Lasota, the FSFE's Legal Deputy Director, also follows up on his talk from last year and explains
<a href="">"Why Device Neutrality is important for Free Software?"</a> at 15:00 CET.</p>
<p>To conclude the Legal and Policy Devroom, its organisers summarise the issues of the day and tackle some topics that have been missing from the agenda at 15:30 CET. </p>
<h2>Digital booth</h2>
<p>If you want to stay updated and are interested in some of our other activities,
you can visit our <a href="">digital booth</a> or follow us on
social media. Also visit the official FOSDEM page during the event for general updates.
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