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<html newsdate="2021-06-09">
<title>REUSE Booster helps Free Software projects with licensing and copyright</title>
<h1>REUSE Booster helps Free Software projects with licensing and copyright</h1>
REUSE is a set of best practices to make Free Software licensing much
easier. It helps developers with simple guidelines to declare
their copyright and conditions for code re-use and provides help documents
and low-threshold tools to get the job done. With REUSE Booster, we
start to give direct support for Free Software projects.
Since its beginning, the aim of <a
href="">REUSE</a>, an initiative led by the
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), has been to make licensing
and copyright drastically easier for developers, especially those
without legal experience and assistance. It is fair to say that this
goal has already been achieved.
REUSE offers standardised ways to mark all files in a project with
their respective license and copyright. For developers, creating Free
Software and communicating their conditions for code re-use are easier
than ever before. REUSE offers a tutorial and FAQ, as well as the REUSE
helper tool and the API to automate once manual processes. We are
continuously working on improving all of these. But we won't stop
<h2>Introducing REUSE Booster</h2>
With REUSE Booster, we go one step further. We invite Free Software
projects to <a href="">register for
getting help</a> by the FSFE's legal experts. As the name suggests,
this will boost the process of adopting the best practices as well as
general understanding of licensing and copyright.
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Accepted projects will be onboarded in a kick-off workshop in which
the process and typical questions are clarified. Afterwards, each
project will receive an individual evaluation that reveals
potential challenges on their path to full REUSE compliance. If
unforeseen problems arise, there will be direct contact persons that
can provide guidance. Last but not least we will share practical
suggestions on how to maintain a stable licensing status.
The FSFE already provides similar support for all projects in the <a
href="/activities/ngi/">Next Generation Internet Zero (NGI0)
project</a>. As consortium partners, we help developers to resolve
licensing and copyright uncertainties and avoid legal pitfalls.
Furthermore, many of them adopt the REUSE best practices to
streamline their compliance. We now build on this practical
experience and enable other projects to benefit from it. This is made
possible by <a href="">REUSE
sponsors</a> like Siemens and individual support by FSFE
volunteers and <a href="">supporters</a>.
If your Free Software project wants to get support to become REUSE
compliant, <a href="">register</a>
before 8 July 2021. Please also spread the word and inform other
developers about this opportunity.
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