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<html newsdate="2021-05-25">
<title>FSFE is migrating its IRC presence to Libera Chat</title>
<h1>FSFE is migrating its IRC presence to Libera Chat</h1>
In response to the recent mass resignation of volunteer staff from
Freenode, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network for Free Software
communities, the FSFE is migrating its IRC presence to Libera Chat,
a new IRC network with a similar focus founded by former Freenode staff.
The FSFE has been present on Freenode for more than fifteen years, and
throughout our tenure we have experienced only dedication, care, and
professionalism from the network's volunteer staff. When they feel
forced to resign and launch
<a href="">a new network</a>, we follow to continue
experiencing the same level of care and dedication.
All existing users of the #fsfe channel on Freenode are invited to
join us in
<a href="ircs://">#fsfe on Libera Chat</a>.
Chatting will be disabled in #fsfe on Freenode and its presence will
be maintained solely to point users to #fsfe on Libera Chat. Users with
FSFE cloaks on Freenode should
<a href="">e-mail us</a> from their FSFE e-mail
address with their Libera Chat account name to have an FSFE cloak
assigned on Libera Chat.
We would like to thank Freenode for serving our needs well for more
than fifteen years and we hope our tenure with Libera Chat will outlast
those fifteen years.
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