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<html newsdate="2021-04-06">
<title>FSFE Spring Sales: buy discounted Free Software merchandise now</title>
<h1>FSFE Spring Sales: buy discounted Free Software merchandise now</h1>
Finally! Spring is here, hot weather is coming, and it’s sale time in
<a href="/order/order.html">the FSFE shop</a>! That's why we offer all
our coloured T-shirts, magnets, pins, gym sacks and children shirts at a
reduced price for a short period.
<img src="" alt=""/>
<figcaption>Some of our discounted merchandise</figcaption>
If you've always wanted a T-shirt with the slogan “There is no cloud,
just other people's computers” you can find them in red or blue; if you
like the T-shirt which shows your love for Free Software in many
languages, or a new PMPC magnet for your fridge, this could be your last
chance. <a href="/order/order.html">The offer</a> is only valid while
stock lasts. Sale products that are sold out will no longer be reordered
as we will refresh our inventory.
With every purchase you also support the work of the FSFE and you get a
nice free gift. By the way: the “I am a fork” kids shirt is also a
wonderful gift, we have already tested this out several times ourselves.
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