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<html newsdate="2020-07-20">
<title>(Y)our recent successes towards software freedom in Europe</title>
<h1>(Y)our recent successes towards software freedom in Europe</h1>
<p>The spread of Covid-19 brought dramatic and drastic changes for us and our societies, and this shed light on the global need for global solutions like Free Software. Here is a short summary of the recent successes towards software freedom in Europe we achieved together with your help and despite the crisis. </p>
<p>The spread of Covid-19 brought dramatic and drastic changes for us and our
societies. One of the things most of us experienced was to stay at home or in
quarantine. Apart from severe consequences people have been facing, suddenly
many people also have been forced to work from home. In response, our
community was quick and eager in helping people to stay in control of
technology. Already, in the very beginning, our community members gathered
knowledge and <a href="/news/2020/news-20200403-01.html">wrote a guide to freedom respecting online collaboration and
communication tools into our wiki.</a></p>
<p>In our official channels, the FSFE focused early on highlighting that <a href="/news/2020/news-20200408-01.html">global
problems need global solutions</a> and on explaining why <strong>only Free Software
creates global solutions and cooperation</strong>. We received positive feedback and
we luckily have seen tremendous success with our message: the European Union,
the World Health Organsation and the EU eHealth Network followed our
arguments and they now recommend that any COVID-19 contact tracing app
development be published as Free Software. Many countries followed their
recommendations, for example Austria with StoppCorona, the Netherlands with
PrivateTracer, Germany with the Corona Warn App, Czech Republic with eRouška and Italy with Immuni App.</p>
<p>This is a huge success for software freedom! It is a result of the daily
work we all persistently invest in Free Software advocacy. <strong>For almost 20
years the FSFE has been part of an ever growing freedom respecting community in
Europe.</strong> We gather reliable expertise and consultancy and continuously explain
to the public and political representatives the benefits of software freedom.
Now, in the face of the crisis, national and international players finally
seem to realize the advantages of Free Software.</p>
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<figcaption>Free Software creates global solutions.</figcaption>
<h2>Health care apps as Free Software</h2>
<p>Hopefully, the decision to publish Covid-19 health care apps as Free Software
by itself helps to change mindsets of decision-makers in the long run. But also
the viral effect of the preceding discussions, publications and decisions is priceless.
Major international and national news agencies have reported about health care
apps becoming Free Software and the benefits involved. In several countries
we have seen a coalition of scientists, data protection agencies, ministries
and politicians who argued in favor of software freedom. Every time they
do, <strong>more people are understanding why software freedom matters for our society</strong>. And
any time more people are understanding the importance of software freedom, it is
likely that some of them join our cause.
<p>These developments are part of the success of our work and they show that even
in a time of dramatic crisis you can help people to understand the benefits of
controlling technology. On the other hand, there is still a lot to do. Many
countries still encourage the use of proprietary tracing apps. In other
countries - for example in Germany where the Corona Warn App was developed - the
tracing apps themselves are Free Software but they depend on the proprietary
"Exposure Notification Framework" only accessible by installing the
proprietary Google Play services or Apple iOS update. You also need to use the proprietary app
market to install the app itself. Then <strong>what is all freedom worth if the
solution depends on third-party proprietary blobs?</strong> And if you have to use
proprietary software to install them?
<h2>Public administrations for Free Software</h2>
<p>If we take a look at the big picture and away from the COVID-19 apps, <strong>many
administrations recently have announced that they plan to follow our road to freedom</strong>.
<a href="/news/2020/news-20200610-01.html">Hamburg</a> wants to focus more on Free Software, <a href="/news/2020/news-20200630-01.html">Munich</a> commits to "Public
Money? Public Code!", <a href="/news/2020/news-20200424-01.html">the Netherlands</a> commit to Free Software by default,
the Spanish Municipality of <a href="/news/nl/nl-202007.html#-dinero-p-blico-c-digo-p-blico-">Benigànim</a> signs the Open Letter of our "Public
Money? Public Code!" campaign and the German city of <a href="/news/2020/news-20200630-01.html">Bühl</a> uses Free Software
to connect their citizens. We want to help them on their journey and ask more
to join! We want to make sure people understand that this is a long term
activity, and we offer help and guidance.</p>
<p><strong>Now is a good time to raise awareness about our mission in new audiences</strong>.
Progressing for our long term work, the recent successes and the
public discussions about Free Software we want to speed up the path towards a
Europe built on Free Software. Please help us to convince more decision-makers
and to supply them with good material to show the benefits of Free
<p><strong><a href="">Join us as a supporter</a> and help us with a financial contribution</strong> so we can
boost our work, repeat our recent successes and help people understand why
Free Software is important for our future:</p>
<h3><a href="">Join us as a supporter and make our success your success!</a></h3>
<img src="" alt="Tux + GNU + IloveFS" />
<p><strong>The FSFE wishes you all an enjoyable and healthy summer in (software) freedom.</strong></p>
<p>PS: A financial support towards the FSFE is tax-deductible in some countries.
They say it is good for your karma in any country around the globe.</p>
<description>A message about our recent successes towards software freedom in Europe despite the crisis</description>
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