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<html newsdate="2020-06-10">
<title>Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software</title>
<h1>Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software</h1>
<p>In Hamburg, the SPD and the Greens are stating in their coalition
agreement to focus more on Free Software during their future term. The
FSFE welcomes this step and will critically monitor its implementation.</p>
<p>In order to strengthen digital sovereignty of Hamburg, the city wants to
use more Free Software in the future <a
the PDF of the coalition agreement)</a>. The goal is to minimise the
dependence on individual providers and create transparency. Wherever it
appears meaningful, cooperation with other administrations should be
established. However, the coalition agreement contains several loopholes,
for example for procurement procedures and diffuse justification to protect
proprietary software vendors.</p>
<blockquote>Alexander Sander, the FSFE's Policy Manager, explains: "We are
pleased that Hamburg has recognised the problems associated with the use of
proprietary software and wants to focus more on the use of Free Software.
However, the exceptions in the coalition agreement indicate at this point
in time that the implementation could lead to problems and counteracting
the goals. We will critically monitor the process and demand that first
steps be taken quickly to make software developed with public money
available to the general public. If it is public money, it should be public
code as well."</blockquote>
<img src="" alt="Hamburg" />
<p>Free Software gives everyone the right to use, understand, distribute
and improve software for any purpose. Administrations also benefit from
these freedoms when they rely on Free Software. More and more
administrations all over Europe are using and developing Free Software in
order to benefit from interoperable solutions, to avoid vendor lock ins, to
be transparent and sovereign, to spend funds in the most efficient way and
to foster innovation and collaboration.</p>
<p>As part of the "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign, FSFE is
specifically campaigning for a change in policy towards Free Software. The
"Public Money? Public Code!" initiative aims to set Free Software as the
standard for publicly financed software. The Free Software Foundation
Europe together with over 180 civil society organisations and more than
27.000 individuals signed the open letter. We will use the signatures to
contact decision makers and political representatives all over Europe and
convince them to make public code the standard. You are invited to add your
signature to make a bigger impact on <a
<description>Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software</description>
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