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<html newsdate="2020-04-27">
<title>NGI Pointer Begins Funding Calls for Projects Designed to Improve the Internet</title>
<h1>NGI Pointer Begins Funding Calls for Projects Designed to Improve the Internet</h1>
<p>NGI Pointer is an initiative from the European Commission designed to provide funding and expertise to Free Software projects that can improve the internet as a platform. The FSFE has joined its Advisory Board to provide assistance to these participating projects. The first call for applications to <a href="">join NGI Pointer</a> is now open until 1 June 2020.</p>
<p>The FSFE has joined the Advisory Board of <a href="">NGI Pointer</a>, one of the projects within the European Commission's <a href="">Next Generation Internet (“NGI”) initiative </a>. By doing so, the FSFE expands the scope of our work for the NGI initiative, adding our support for NGI Pointer to our current work with <a href="">NGI Zero</a>.</p>
alt="NGI Pointer Architects"/>
NGI Architects will change the underlying fabric of the Internet
<p>The scope of topics eligible to gain funding and support in NGI Pointer will be in the following predefined areas:</p>
<li>Network optimization</li>
<li>Limitations in the TCP/IP protocol suite</li>
<li>Autonomous Network operations and control</li>
<li>Internet at the Edge</li>
<li>Virtualization and isolation</li>
<li>Industrial Internet Security</li>
<li>Trust for New Internet/Web Users</li>
<li>Energy Efficiency</li>
<li>Open Disruption of the Internet Architecture</li>
<h2>Free Software Made Easy For Everyone</h2>
<p>As part of NGI Pointer’s Advisory Board, the FSFE will provide support to successful applicants with advice about how to effectively and properly make their projects available as Free Software, as well as to provide assistance to those who wish to be <a href="">REUSE</a> compliant.</p>
<p>We are well-placed to assist with NGI Pointer, as our involvement will be similar to the work we are currently doing in the <a href="/activities/ngi/ngi.html">NGI Zero (“NGI0”) project</a>. Under NGI0, the FSFE works with a consortium of non-profit organisations to similarly provide funding and technical advice for promising software projects, albeit with different topical scopes from NGI Pointer. Specifically, the <a href="">NGI0 PET action</a> seeks to support developing technologies that enhance privacy and trust in the internet, while the <a href="">NGI0 Search and Discovery action</a> aims to support projects that improve how information is searched for and discovered online.</p>
<h2>Get Active!</h2>
<p>NGI Pointer has recently launched its first <a href="">open call for applicants on 1 April 2020</a>. Once selected, NGI Architects will enter into a 12 month support programme across different stages that will be tailored to each individual beneficiary’s needs. The deadline for this first open call is 1 June 2020. If you think that you fit the bill of an NGI Architect ready to improve the web and internet architecture, be sure to apply!</p>
<p>Similarly, the NGI0 PET and Search and Discovery actions also have ongoing calls within the same time frame. Apply <a href="">here</a> to be part of NGI0 and get support for your software project now!</p>
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