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<html newsdate="2020-04-11">
<title>Consider donating your conference budget</title>
<h1>Consider donating your conference budget</h1>
<p>The biggest financial impact the FSFE faces in these times
of physical distancing is the cancellation of Free Software conferences,
including our own events. To keep the software freedom movement solid and
alive, please consider to <a href="https://my.fsfe.org/donate">donate a part of
your conference budget to Free Software organisations, including the
<p>Last week we wrote <a href="/news/2020/news-20200327-01.html">about how the
SARS-CoV-2 virus affects the FSFE</a>. Booths and talks have been some of the
main channels over which we inform people about software freedom and the FSFEs
work. Losing these due to cancellation of events also means a heavily limited
visibility for our topics and our organisation.</p>
<p>For example, last year <a
href="/news/2019/news-20191022-01.html#events2019">we participated in over 60
events</a> in 11 European countries. This is more than one per week on average,
with every event contributing to spreading our message and growing our
community. These events are some of our best opportunities to explain and
discuss Free Software issues in personal conversations. This is the same
situation with our information material and merchandise: last year, we sent out
over <a href="/news/2019/news-20191022-01.html#outreach">800 information
material packages around the world and sold over 1.100 shirts and hoodies.</a>
For the last few weeks we are no longer able to participate in events or
effectively handle requests for our information materials and merchandise - and
it is unclear how long this situation will last.</p>
<p>In the case of our events, like the <a
href="/activities/ln/llw.html">annual Legal and Licensing
Workshop</a> or the <a
href="https://registration.fsfe.org/Digitale-Verwaltung-2020">“Public Money?
Public Code!” conference</a>, it is a direct financial burden we take due to
missing sponsorships, non-refundable costs and work that we have already
<p>In a time when humanity needs to work together to find solutions for a
crisis, we cannot afford to reinvent the wheel again and again. Global problems
need global solutions! It is Free Software that enables global cooperation for
code development. We will keep doing our best for software freedom and
humanity, even while staying home. We will keep our campaigns running and start
new ones, take part in consultations, produce our Software Freedom Podcasts and
inform more on our digital channels.</p>
<p>We know these are difficult times for everyone: many others are struggling
as well, and some even more seriously. But if you are in the position to do
so, please support the future of our movement by <a
href="https://my.fsfe.org/donate">donating a part of your conference budget to
organisations for software freedom; including the FSFE.</a></p>
<img src="https://pics.fsfe.org/uploads/medium/c2dae610ff67340f2e0642ed6088cb5c.jpg" alt="A Gnu and Tux cuddling with eacht other in front of an IloveFS card and besides a donation box for the FSFE" />
<p>In these difficult times specifically, but also in general, we would like to
thank our volunteers who form the foundation of the FSFE with their invaluable
contributions, and our supporters and donors who enable our work for Free
<p>Your help is highly appreciated. <em>Thank you so much!</em></p>
<image url="https://pics.fsfe.org/uploads/big/6738dc009724027ce8ecfa17bc7e40be.jpg" alt="A Gnu and Tux cuddling with eacht other in front of an IloveFS card and besides a donation box for the FSFE" />
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