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<html newsdate="2020-02-12">
<title>I Love Free Software - and you?</title>
<h1>I Love Free Software - and you?</h1>
<p>While you are reading this, someone somewhere is
improving the code of a Free Software you use for yourself. Free
Software has long been part of the daily use of billion of users, still
the people behind the respective projects often remain invisible.
Together we want to change that. On 14 February is the "I love Free
Software Day", a day to show your love and celebrate your favourite Free
Software and its contributors. Join us!</p>
<p>Behind every Free Software project is a team of developers,
translators, designers, and other contributors. These are the people who
fix bugs, improve the look and feel, and provide security updates. They
do a great service to our society by making the sources of their
work available to everyone and granting us the four freedoms. Day by
day, a lot of people bring in priceless contributions, many of which do
it voluntarily in their spare time. But how often do we actually thank
them for this?</p>
<p>This is what the annual <a href="https://ilovefs.org">"I love Free
Software"</a> day is made for. On 14 February, Free Software users
around the globe show their appreciation for a project of their choice.
It's easy to join in: just write a short message of thanks on the social
network of your choice with the hashtag <strong>#ilovefs</strong>. Or
write a short thank you email to a development team. The message does
not have to be long - even a simple thank you is highly appreciated.</p>
alt="People celebrating IloveFS" />
<figcaption>Free Software users all over the world on #ilovefs day</figcaption>
<p>Do you use one of the popular Free Software applications to browse
the web, write your emails and documents, or a Free Software operating
system? Or is there a smaller and less known project that you personally
care about? You alone decide who you want to appreciate on this day. If
you like some inspiration, you find various ideas and suggestions on the
<a href="/activities/ilovefs/">"I love Free Software Day" action
<p>The "I love Free Software Day" is an important tradition for the Free
Software community. The more people participate, the more we can show
how immensely important Free Software is for our society. Take a few
moments on Friday, 14 February, and show your love for Free
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