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<html newsdate="2019-10-12">
<title>Today is the Day Against DRM</title>
<h1>Today is the Day Against DRM</h1>
Join us and the Free Software Foundation in the fight against DRM!
Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is any technology that is built
into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its
use. It is designed to prevent customers from using digital
technology in ways that do not correspond to the business agenda of a
content provider or device manufacturer.
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alt="Technical devices in chains as a symbol for DRM" />
CC BY-SA 3.0 - Brendan Mruk and Matt Lee
<a href="/activities/drm/drm.html">Digital Restrictions
Managements</a> often restricts individuals from doing things that
are perfectly legal, so we might not be able to put together a mix of
music files we bought legally, or to lend an e-book to a friend. Even
backups can be restricted. Restrictions management technology removes
basic rights and freedoms in the digital world. All DRM systems have
one thing in common: They give businesses control over things that
we, the owners, should be in control of. For example, businesses
decide how often we can play the movies we paid for and what kind of
files we can read on our e-book reader.
Free Software is software that puts the user in control of their own
devices. In contrast, DRM Digital Restrictions Management is
technology to put the user under control of a third party: these two
goals are fundamentally incompatible.
If you want to get active on this topic, you can support the Day
Against DRM which takes place every year. This campaign is organised
by the Free Software Foundation, our sister organisation based in the
US. On the <a href="">campaign
website</a> you also can find a list of DRM-free-platforms for books,
videos and audio files. To raise more awareness about the topic
yourself, you can order our <a
href="/contribute/spreadtheword#drm-leaflet">leaflet about DRM</a> or
recommend the <a href="/news/podcast/episode-1.html">first episode of
our Software Freedom Podcast</a> with Cory Doctorow on this topic.
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