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<html newsdate="2019-09-17">
<title>Richard Stallman resigns as president of the Free Software Foundation</title>
Richard Stallman resigns as president of the Free Software Foundation
<p>On 16 September, one of our independent sister
organisations, the US-based Free Software Foundation (FSF), <a
the resignation of Richard M. Stallman as its president</a>. While we
recognise Stallman's role in founding the Free Software movement, we
welcome the decision.</p>
<p>The Free Software Foundation Europe's mission is to empower people
from all backgrounds to control technology and thereby create a better
society for everyone. We want to ensure that every human can understand
how software works, use the software for any purpose without
discrimination, share it with others, and adapt it to their own
specific needs.</p>
<p>We will continue to work with all the many organisations and
individuals out there contributing to software freedom every day,
including our <a href="/about/fsfnetwork.html">sister
organisations in India, Latin America, and the United States</a>.
Together we can ensure the continued growth and success of the Free
Software movement, balance power in our society, and make the Free
Software community a safer and more respectful place for everyone who
wants to participate in it.</p>
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