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<html newsdate="2018-06-13">
<title>Technical Note: Mail Issues on June 8</title>
<h1>Technical Note: Mail Issues on June 8</h1>
<p>On Friday morning, one of our servers had a fatal
hardware crash. This affected parts of our mail infrastructure and
mailing lists. Meanwhile, all services are back to normal. We would
like to inform you about what happened and which problems it caused. In a
nutshell: Please make sure your emails arrived and check your SMTP
<p>Unfortunately, due to the downtime, a small number of mails sent
during this time to some of our <a
href="">mailing lists</a> may have been lost
while most have just been delayed. Please make sure that your mails
sent on 8 and 9 June arrived their destination by checking the
archives, and resend them if necessary. If you still experience
problems, please <a href="/contact/">get in touch with us</a>.</p>
<p>Background: The said server lost one of its hardware components for
which we weren't able to get a replacement at short notice. This forced
us to migrate the setup and data to a new host. We have been able to
bring the most critical service back to life within the course of the
day, others were reestablished during the weekend.</p>
<p>At the same time, we modernised large parts of the mail
infrastructure, for instance anti-spam measurements. This also involves
a change in our SMTP setting for people using this service: From now on
we will no longer accept mails delivered to port 25. Please make sure
to use port 587 if you would like to send emails, and make sure the
settings in your email clients match <a
href="">our recommendations</a>.</p>
<p>Please excuse the inconveniences this caused. We will work hard to
prevent such a long downtime of a critical service in the future. If
you would like to support our technical team, please don't hesitate to
reach out to our <a
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