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  2. <html newsdate="2018-03-08">
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  4. <title>#ilovefs Report 2018</title>
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  7. <h1>#ilovefs Report 2018</h1>
  8. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  9. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-developersitalia.jpg">
  10. <img width="100%" alt="" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-developersitalia_thumb.jpg" />
  11. </a>
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  13. <p>Developers Italia celebrating I Love Free Software Day</p>
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  16. <p newsteaser="yes">On Wednesday 14th of February, our community celebrated the
  17. annual "<a href="">I love Free Software Day</a>". A day to declare love to the communities
  18. most important to you as well as saying "Thank You" to the Free Software
  19. projects surrounding us every single day. The Free Software Foundation Europe
  20. also wants to thank everyone who cheered and contributed to make this day as
  21. special as it could be.</p>
  22. <p>We counted hundreds of Tweets, Toots and Posts both on Twitter and the
  23. Fediverse as well as tens of blog posts, photos and artworks all showing love
  24. to the countless of people out there contributing to Free Software every day,
  25. be it in the form of code, translations, documentation, community work,
  26. designing or managing. Thank you very much to all of you amazing people!</p>
  27. <h2>First signs of love at FOSDEM</h2>
  28. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  29. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-xmpp-loves-freespeech.jpg">
  30. <img width="100%" alt="" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-xmpp-loves-freespeech_thumb.jpg" />
  31. </a>
  32. <footer>
  33. <p>XMPP as a tool for free speech</p>
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  35. </div>
  36. <p><a href="/news/2017/news-20170315-01.html">Just like last year</a>, we
  37. already encountered lots of people eager to show love at FOSDEM. Besides the
  38. big projects such as GNOME, Debian, Firefox, Python, Linux or VLC, many also
  39. mentioned smaller or uncommon projects as well as general love for Free
  40. Software or values that can usually be found in Free Software Communities:
  41. "Openness", "Freedom", "Choice" or "self-determination" were terms we often
  42. heard. If you want to see more people expressing their love for Free
  43. Software, make sure to <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/whylovefs/gallery.html">
  44. check out the full gallery</a>.</p>
  45. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  46. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-centos-opensuse.jpg">
  47. <img width="100%" alt="" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-centos-opensuse_thumb.jpg" />
  48. </a>
  49. <footer>
  50. <p>CentOS and OpenSUSE have a shared love for RPM</p>
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  52. </div>
  53. <p>The projects attending FOSDEM also had the chance to thank their communities
  54. for contributing, bugreporting and helping. Not only that, we were also able
  55. to bring several projects together to find the similarities (or differences)
  56. they appreciate and show their shared love of Free Software.</p>
  57. <h2>I Love Free Software Day</h2>
  58. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  59. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-wordcloud.png">
  60. <img width="100%" alt="Wordcloud of projects" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-wordcloud_thumb.png" />
  61. </a>
  62. <footer>
  63. <p>All mentioned projects on Twitter and the Fediverse</p>
  64. </footer>
  65. </div>
  66. <p>When the day finally came, we received an overwhelming amount of messages
  67. from the community, expressing themselves, thanking their favorite projects
  68. and developers or advocating Free Software in general.</p>
  69. <p>In order to analyze the sheer amount of love messages and contributions
  70. coming in on I Love Free Software Day each year, we finally took a step up
  71. as well. Our current intern Jan wrote a Scraper in
  72. <a href="">GNU R</a> which helps us not to miss a
  73. single #ilovefs post and give every project the gratitude it deserves. Parts
  74. of it would not have been possible without the help of Vincent, our second
  75. intern. A cheer for collaboration and yet another proof that Free Software is
  76. awesome!</p>
  77. <p>Together on Twitter and the Fediverse, we counted exactly 439 "I Love Free
  78. Software" posts by 243 individual accounts containing the <em>#ilovefs</em>
  79. tag, mentioning 95 projects and developers. You can find a few visualizations
  80. showing the results of our collected data.</p>
  81. <div style="max-width: 1000px; width: 100%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  82. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-participation-time.png">
  83. <img width="100%" alt="time graph" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-participation-time_thumb.png" />
  84. </a>
  85. <footer>
  86. <p>Participation in #ILoveFS on Social Media through time</p>
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  90. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-participation-platform.png">
  91. <img width="100%" alt="platform graph" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-participation-platform_thumb.png" />
  92. </a>
  93. <footer>
  94. <p>Participation in #ILoveFS on Twitter and the Fediverse</p>
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  96. </div>
  97. <p>The tools we wrote are Free as well and available for everyone to
  98. <a href="">
  99. use, study, share and improve</a>! But it is not all stats and data. The
  100. important thing is behind all of the numbers: The message these people want
  101. to send out and the feeling of a community of people so diverse and yet like
  102. minded when it comes to values like openness, acceptance, empathy or
  103. acknowledgment of what we can create together.</p>
  104. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  105. <a href="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-gbouille.jpg">
  106. <img width="100%" alt="iLoveFS by Grise Bouille" src="/news/2018/graphics/ilovefs-gbouille_thumb.jpg" />
  107. </a>
  108. <footer>
  109. <p>#iLoveFS by Grise Bouille</p>
  110. </footer>
  111. </div>
  112. <p>There are multiple examples of this, like the
  113. <a href="">
  114. amazing post on StreetComplete's issue-tracker by rugk</a>, where this user
  115. thanked the project and it's developer(s) in a lengthy text and received very
  116. nice feedback as well.
  117. <a href="">
  118. Sebastian Schauenburg's blog post</a> where he calls for even more sympathy
  119. and communication among developers and within the communities themselves. A
  120. few projects also published blog posts themselves, for example Nextcloud,
  121. showing us <a href="">
  122. how the 4 Freedoms of Free Software made their very own existence
  123. possible</a>. Then there is some really good and creative artwork for example
  124. <a href="">by Grise Bouille</a> or
  125. <a href="">
  126. this cool photo posted by Developers Italia</a> (the Italian community of
  127. developers of public services) celebrating Free Software,
  128. <a href="">WikiData
  129. showing how to express your love for Free Software</a> and many, many more
  130. that we are just not able to mention in this short report.</p>
  131. <h2>Save the date!</h2>
  132. <p>In case you missed your opportunity to thank your favourite project, mark
  133. February 14 as "I Love Free Software Day" in your calendar for next year. However,
  134. you shouldn't think it is the only day you are allowed to show your love. It's
  135. obvious we should show our appreciation and gratitude throughout the entire
  136. year – there is simply no wrong time for that!</p>
  137. <p>We would like to thank everyone involved in and contributing to this day, as
  138. well as the countless developers, translators, community managers, artists
  139. and anyone involved in Free Software.</p>
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