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<html newsdate="2018-02-12">
<title>Join the I Love Free Software Day 2018</title>
<h1>Join the I Love Free Software Day 2018</h1>
The Free Software Foundation Europe calls on everyone to say "thank you" to all contributors to Free Software on 14 February. Last year the annual <strong>I Love Free Software Day</strong> has been <a href="/news/2017/news-20170315-01.html">committed with offline activism</a> to tell people outside of our filter bubble about the importance of Free Software. This Wednesday, we will go back to our roots and focus on why this day has been invented in the first place: to celebrate the Free Software community.</p>
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<a href="/contribute/spreadtheword.html#ilovefs">
<img src="graphics/ilovefs-sticker.png" alt="A sticker with 4 pixeled hearts, labelled with use, study, share, improve." />
<p>Sticker for people loving Free Software (<a href="/contribute/spreadtheword#ilovefs">order</a>)</p>
<p>Free Software is built upon collaboration and the desire for constant improvement. But over all these bug reports and milestones we sometimes forget to express our gratefulness to all the people making our daily lives so much easier and freer: developers, translators, designers, testers, or documentation writers, for large software suites or small helper tools.</p>
<h2>Show your love for Free Software</h2>
<p>You don't have to be a techie to benefit from the often invisible work of these people. Take a moment to think about which software made you enjoy your work and private life. Done? Then tell the world! Our <a href="/activities/ilovefs/">campaign website</a>, the <a href="/news/2017/news-20170315-01.html">last year's report</a>, or the updated <a href="/activities/ilovefs/whylovefs/gallery.html">gallery of Free Software lovers</a> may give you some inspiration.</p>
<p>Spread the word in the offline world with your friends and colleagues and be part of the <strong>#ilovefs</strong> crowd in online networks and blogs. Let's enjoy a lovely day packed with thankfulness and creativity!</p>
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