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  2. <html newsdate="2017-10-13">
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  4. <title>FSFE presents modernised Fiduciary Licensing Agreement 2.0</title>
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  7. <h1>FSFE presents modernised Fiduciary Licensing Agreement 2.0</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">The FSFE and proudly present
  9. the revised and updated <a href="">Fiduciary Licence Agreement
  10. 2.0</a> (FLA-2.0) - a next-generation contributor agreement that makes sure
  11. the contributed software always remains Free Software.</p>
  12. <p>The FSFE acknowledges that the licensing of code has been well served
  13. by Free Software licences such as the GPL, Apache, BSD, and MPL families.
  14. However, managing rights and content within a project over long periods
  15. of time is still a complex issue.</p>
  16. <p>To fix this the FSFE with the help of <a href="">knowledgeable experts</a>
  17. drafted the Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA) as early as 2002. The FLA
  18. is a well-balanced contributor agreement, which gives the trustee, responsible
  19. for managing the rights within a Free Software project, power and
  20. responsibility to make sure the contributed software always remains free
  21. and open. This way the project, together with all the respective contributors,
  22. are protected against any misuse of power by a new copyright holder.</p>
  23. <p>The way this works under the FLA is that developers assign an exclusive
  24. licence to the trustee (usually a foundation or company, under whose auspices
  25. the software lies) and in return they receive a non-exclusive licence
  26. of the same extent, as well as a legally binding promise that the code
  27. they contributed will forever remain Free Software.</p>
  28. <p>In the last decade, the world of IT has changed quite a bit and,
  29. apart from copyright, patents and trade marks have become a serious concern
  30. for Free Software projects.</p>
  31. <p>With the last review in 2007, the FLA (version 1.2) was long due an
  32. update. So we are delighted to finally unveil the FLA-2.0 – a much improved
  33. and modernised version.</p>
  34. <p>The biggest improvements are that the FLA-2.0 now also covers patents
  35. and enables more practical licensing options directed towards third
  36. parties – including referencing to an external licensing policy. In addition,
  37. the new wording is much improved both in its compatibility with more
  38. jurisdictions as well as being easier for everybody to understand and
  39. apply.</p>
  40. <p>Furthermore, we have joined forces with <a href=""></a>
  41. and integrated the FLA-2.0 into its Copyright Licensing Agreement (CLA)
  42. chooser/generator, in order to make the use of the FLA easier both for
  43. projects and for developers. As a side-effect, all CLA on
  44. have been updated as well, following some of the improvements from the FLA.</p>
  45. <blockquote>
  46. <p>As is often in FOSS and life, we are merely standing on
  47. the shoulders of giants. The current update – while itself taking several
  48. industrious years of research and analysis, culminating in a master's thesis
  49. – would not have been possible without the authors of the original FLA,
  50. as well as a great deal of legal research which was the basis for the
  51. The sheer community knowledge aggregated in
  52. the FLA-2.0 makes me confident that it is more relevant and useful today
  53. as ever before.</p>
  54. <p>says Matija Šuklje, former FSFE's Legal Coordinator and the main
  55. driving force behind the FLA update.</p>
  56. </blockquote>
  57. <blockquote>
  58. <p>The revised FLA-2.0 is an outcome of a longstanding and
  59. scrupulous collaboration between the FSFE and
  60. We are pleased to see that collaboration to bear fruits in the shape of
  61. the FLA-2.0. We hope that the new FLA will provide developers and Free
  62. Software projects with more clarity, while retaining the spirit of the
  63. original version.</p>
  64. <p>says Polina Malaja, the FSFE’s Legal Coordinator</p>
  65. </blockquote>
  66. <blockquote>
  67. <p>We are thrilled to partner with FSFE and to see the new
  68. FLA-2.0 go live hand in hand with a new version of our set of standardised
  69. contributor agreements. FSFE's passion and especially Matija Šuklje's
  70. dedication to modernising the FLA has enabled us to further revise and
  71. refine our agreement chooser and we are especially delighted to offer
  72. the new FLA-2.0 as one possible agreement to be chosen out different
  73. options available at <a href=""></a>
  74. </p>
  75. <p>says Catharina Maracke, Team Lead at</p>
  76. </blockquote>
  77. <blockquote>
  78. <p>KDE e.V. is the biggest user of the FLA and we are delighted
  79. to see this new version released. As a global project we especially appreciate
  80. the effort to make it applicable to more jurisdictions and easier to
  81. understand for our contributors.</p>
  82. <p>says Lydia Pintscher, President of KDE e.V.</p>
  83. </blockquote>
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