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<html newsdate="2017-03-15">
<title>#ilovefs Report 2017: Love and Activism</title>
<h1>#ilovefs Report 2017: Love and Activism</h1>
<p>On Tuesday 14th of February, the "I Love Free
Software" day was celebrated for its eighth consecutive year, in what
can now be called a tradition. This day has become a special day for
people all around the world to declare their love and affection not
only to their partner but also to the whole Free Software
<p>The FSFE would like to thank everybody who participated during this
year’s #ilovefs campaign. Thank you for taking the time to show your
appreciation to the people that make Free Software possible: the
developers, designers, testers, translators and projects that work hard
every day to preserve our freedoms. And thanks to everybody for your
pictures, videos, blogs and news posted during the 14th, before or
after. Because of you, the #ilovefs campaign has become an authentic
success. </p>
<h2>FOSDEM: Find your way into love</h2>
<p>The first love signs were shown at FOSDEM in the beginning of
February. This year we held again our IloveFS photobooth and many
people, (<a
href="">but don't
assume only people</a>) posed in front of our camera in order to
confess their love for their favourite Free Software projects,
colleagues and community contributors (<a
our full gallery</a>). When we asked them why they love FS, words such
as Free Society, Democracy and Freedom were repeatedly written on our
black chalkboards. Who said, you cannot love and be wise at the same
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Mozilla.jpg">
<img width="100%" alt="Love for Mozilla at FOSDEM" src="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Mozilla_thumbnail.jpg" />
<p>Love for Mozilla at FOSDEM</p>
<p>In this ambient full of love, we also distributed around 20 IloveFS
packages to Free Software projects present at FOSDEM. Each package
included a variety of stickers, leaflets, balloons and a paper with
creative ideas in order to grant some inspiration to all those
considering to participate in this year's celebrations.</p>
<h2>Letters 'n' Roses</h2>
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="/news/2017/graphics/ilovefs-roses.jpg">
<img width="100%" alt="Rose and letter ready to be delivered to the German Paliament" src="/news/2017/graphics/ilovefs-roses_thumbnail.jpg" />
<p>Roses and letters ready to be delivered to the German Paliament</p>
<p>631 is the number of elected MPs in the German Parliament. This is
also the number of <a
and flowers that <a
volunteers and staff prepared and delivered</a> to every single one of
them for the IloveFS Day. The main aim was to use this occasion to
raise awareness among parliamentarians and invite candidates - in
advance of the German elections taking place this autumn - to support
Free Software and endorse the idea of "Public Money Public Code". But
no, this is not all...</p>
<h2>Berlin and Frankfurt love Free Software to bits</h2>
<p>The FSFE volunteers, based in Berlin did not stop there! They chose
to combine once again political activism with their love for Free
Software and <a
a night in the streets of Berlin with a light projector</a> and thought-provoking love messages on the <a
Parliament</a>, the <a
Ministry of Finance</a>, the Berlin Wall and other places of public
interest. In the end, <a
the Berlin Astronaut admitted the universe's love for Free
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Projektionen.jpg">
<img width="100%" alt="Public Money Public Code projection on the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy" src="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Projektionen_thumbnail.jpg" />
<p>"Public Money Public Code" projection on the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy</p>
<p>On the very same night of the 14th, some Pirates of Hesse also took
part in the beamer action and displayed messages of Free Software
affection <a
href="">all around
<p>And finally, the big day has arrived. During Tuesday, 14 February, people
all around the world expressed their appreciation to Free Software and the
people that make it possible, in many ways, including blog posts, pictures, news
items, microblogs and funny memes. Keeping with the cheesy theme, <a href="">heart-shaped
specially decorated chocolates</a> could not be missing from such a day.</p>
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Tweet2.png">
<img width="100%" alt="@JCR_Internet posting this beautifull We (L) FS graphic" src="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Tweet2_thumbnail.png" />
<p>@JCR_Internet posting this beautiful We &lt;3 FS graphic</p>
<p>The day was full of love for Free Software projects and developers.
For example, <a
href="">Femgeeks</a> wrote
about their love for the Lineage OS. The <a
asked people to become each other's cryptovalentines</a> by setting up
private and encrypted communication with GnuPG. Others showed their
love to <a href="">GNU/Linux</a>,
<a href="">Ikiwiki and git
<p>Also, we were really happy to see that many organisations, coming
from different backgrounds and regions, decided to promote the “I love
Free Software” campaign from their respective websites. <a
Prado</a>, in Madrid, organised activities to promote the use of Free
Software during the whole day. The artist Elektroll, decided to show
his appreciation for Free Software projects with <a
href="">this wonderful artwork</a>.
Alliance</a> informed about FSFE's activities and promoted love for
Free Software on its page. In general, we would like to thank all the
organisations who decided to promote "I Love Free Software" day, like:
<a href="">Ansol</a>, <a
Tic</a>, <a
Today</a>, <a
and many others. Some Free Software projects took the occasion to send
a special ‘thank you’ to their hard working communities, like <a
Spain</a>, <a
Document Foundation</a> or <a
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Tweet3.png">
<img width="100%" alt="Member of the European Parliement, Jan Philipp Albrecht, sending some love to Free Software" src="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Tweet3_thumbnail.png" />
<p>Member of the European Parliement, Jan Philipp Albrecht, sending some love to Free Software</p>
<p>Julia Reda, Member of European Parliament, did not miss the chance
to show her support for Free Software by <a
out Munich to stay with LiMux</a>. Also Green MEP, Jan Philipp
Albrecht, posted on twitter about his love for Free Software and the
FSFE. In their website <a
the German Greens expressed their political support for the Free
Software community. As did the <a
Party Hesse</a>, calling for the use of Free Software in public
<div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
<a href="">
<img width="100%" alt="Yoda showinf #ilovefs" src="/news/2017/graphics/IloveFS-Tweet1_thumbnail.png" />
<p>Yoda showing #ilovefs</p>
<p>In his blog, FSFE’s president, Matthias Kirschner <a
his #ilovefs thank you to Free Software contributors in the public
administrations</a>. Erik Albers, FSFE's community builder, prepared <a
href="">a blog with
nice memes of classic philosophers and their vision on Free
Software</a>. While, Max Mehl, our Germany Coordinator, <a
href="">blogged about
his new favourite email client, astroid</a>.</p>
<p>We hope all Free Software contributors out there feel even more
motivated after this year's #ilovefs day. Our own conclusion? <a
href="">"Build Free Software - Not
walls"</a>, because in the Free Software world, different languages do
not divide us. <a
href="">Instead, our
love for freedom unites us all</a>.</p>
We encourage everybody to mark next year's February 14 as "I Love Free
Software" day to continue this lovely campaign. Nevertheless, don't
forget: each and every day is the perfect day to show your appreciation
to Free Software and its contributors, by using, studying, sharing and
improving it. </p>
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