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<html newsdate="2017-03-02">
<title> helps voters compare party positions on digital freedom in upcoming Dutch election</title>
<h1> helps voters compare party positions on digital freedom in upcoming Dutch election</h1>
<p>Today FSFE Netherlands, NLnet, ISPConnect, and Open
Source &amp; Overheid launch <a
href=""></a> to help inform voters in
the upcoming Dutch general election, which is held on 15 March 2017. provides guidance to voters on the topic of digital freedom,
based on eight questions.</p>
<p>The website allows voters to compare their political views with those of
the parties participating in the election. The questions cover the topics of
Free and Open Source Software, open standards, open data, open science, open
education, surveillance, net neutrality and software patents. Voters can
answer these questions for themselves, save them, and then compare the
results with the answers from the political parties. Descriptions are added
to all the questions, to provide context.</p>
<blockquote><p>"Freedomvote fills a gap for the Dutch elections." explains
Nico Rikken from FSFE Netherlands. "As only a couple of parties have a
formal stance on themes of digital freedom, Freedomvote encourages parties
to take a stance, so voters who care about digital freedoms know what
they'll be voting for."</p></blockquote>
<p>Unlike its <a href="">Swiss predecessor</a>, the
Dutch Freedomvote model represents the political parties rather than
individual candidates, and thus reflects the strong party orientation in the
Netherlands' political system. is based on Free Software
source code developed for Further software improvements are
in the works, intended for others wanting to run their own Freedomvote in the
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