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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html newsdate="2017-01-10">
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <head>
  5. <title>The FSFE files FOI request for Horizon 2020</title>
  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8. <h1>The FSFE files FOI request for Horizon 2020</h1>
  9. <p>The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) files
  10. <a href="">Freedom
  11. of Information (FOI) request</a> to the European Commission (EC) Directorate-General
  12. for Research and Innovation, asking for information related to the use,
  13. development and release of software under Horizon 2020, the biggest
  14. EU research funding programme.</p>
  15. <p>Software is a cardinal part of almost every research project in
  16. Horizon 2020 and most of it is acquired or developed with public or
  17. public-private funding. We are interested to figure out what percentage
  18. of the funding is spent on proprietary licences and what percentage
  19. of software developed within Horizon 2020 is released under Free Software
  20. licences. Our aim is to aggregate this data and draw conclusions about
  21. the situation of software in publicly funded research. </p>
  22. <blockquote>
  23. <p>Taking into account the main points raised in our <a href="
  25. Position paper for the endorsement of Free Software and Open Standards
  26. in Horizon 2020 and all publicly-funded research</a> and in accordance
  27. with the suggestions stated in it, the FSFE asks from the Commission
  28. the following questions:</p>
  29. <ol>
  30. <li><p>Do you monitor and/or collect data about the usage of IT and software
  31. in Horizon 2020 projects, and specifically if projects use or develop
  32. Free Software (also known as 'open source') ?</p></li>
  33. <li><p>How many projects, both in numbers and in percentage of the overall
  34. amount of research projects, are funded by Horizon 2020 to pay licence
  35. fees for software? What are the top most paid licence fees for software
  36. amongst Horizon2020 projects? </p></li>
  37. <li><p>How much money was spent by Horizon 2020 during its most recent
  38. "phase" on proprietary software licences? How much is this in comparison
  39. to the overall funds of Horizon 2020? </p></li>
  40. <li><p>How many projects in numbers and in percentage of the overall amount
  41. of research projects funded by Horizon2020 develop software on their own?
  42. What percentage of this software is kept proprietary and how much is
  43. published under a licence approved by Free Software Foundation/Open
  44. Source Initiative? Which are the most used Free Software/Open Source
  45. licences in this regard?</p></li>
  46. </ol>
  47. </blockquote>
  48. <h2>What to do while waiting for the EC to answer?</h2>
  49. <p>A few days ago, the FSFE published and submitted to the European
  50. Commission its <a href="/news/2017/news-20170105-01.en.html">
  51. Position paper for the endorsement of Free Software and Open Standards
  52. in Horizon 2020 and all publicly-funded research</a>, as part of
  53. <a href="">
  54. the public consultation on the midterm evaluation of Horizon 2020</a>.</p>
  55. <p>You can help us spread the word by reading and sharing our
  56. <a href="/activities/policy/eu/Horizon2020-Position-Paper.en.html">
  57. position paper</a> or participating in the EC consultation on Horizon 2020.
  58. This way you make sure that your voice demanding Free Software and Open
  59. Standards in science is heard! You can take a look on how to do that at
  60. <a href="">
  61. the relevant wiki page</a>.</p>
  62. <p><strong>The consultation is open for everyone and runs until
  63. 15.01.2017</strong>.</p>
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