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<html newsdate="2016-08-17">
<title>The Document Foundation and the FSFE strengthen their relationship</title>
<h1>The Document Foundation and the FSFE strengthen their relationship</h1>
<p>The Free Software Foundation (FSFE) is joining the <a
Board of The Document Foundation</a>. At the same time, The Document
Foundation is becoming an <a href="/associates/associates.html">associated
organisation of the FSFE</a>.</p>
<p>The Free Software Foundation Europe's aim is to help people control
technology instead of the other way around. However, this is a goal which no
single organisation can achieve on its own. Associated organisations are
entities that share the FSFE's vision and support the foundation and Free
Software in general by encouraging people to use and develop Free Software, by
helping organisations understand how Free Software contributes to freedom,
transparency and self-determination, and by removing barriers to Free Software
<p>With this mutual expression of support, both organisations strengthen one
another in their fight to keep the general public in the technological driver's
seat. While the FSFE embodies the principles of the community movement working
in support of the adoption of Free Software in companies, public administrations
and for private citizens, the Document Foundation turns principles and ethics
into actual products, putting a first class, fully-featured, and completely free
productivity suite in the hands of users.</p>
<p>"We are happy to welcome the Free Software Foundation Europe as a member of
our Advisory Board. Together, we will able to further develop the adoption of
Free Software in Europe, amongst public administrations and enterprises", said
Eike Rathke, a <a
href="">Director of The
Document Foundation</a> and a long time Free Software advocate and
<p>"We believe it is important to join forces with all the organisations active
in Free Software around Europe," said <a
href="/about/people/kirschner/kirschner.html">Matthias Kirschner</a>, President of the
Free Software Foundation Europe, "and work together to reach our common goals.
With our associated organisations we want to show that we are a strong and
cohesive movement, and we work to achieve common objectives. To do this, we
exchange ideas, coordinate efforts, motivate each other, and find opportunities
to work together on specific projects. This is the case with The Document
Foundation, steward of one of the most successful Free Software projects:
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