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<html newsdate="2016-08-09">
<title>In Memory of our Friend Elias Diem</title>
<h1>In Memory of our Friend Elias Diem</h1>
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<img width="100%" alt="FSFE's volunteer Elias Diem" src="/news/2016/graphics/elias-diem.jpg" />
<p>Elias Diem (1976 - 2016)</p>
<p>In the afternoon of Saturday 6 August, our friend and
active Fellow Elias Diem passed away. He was on his way back home from a hiking
trip with a friend in the Swiss alps. He slipped and fell about 150 meters. His
friend tried to rescue him, but it was too late. He died of a heavy head injury
at the age of 39.</p>
<p>Elias was one of our most active Fellows in Switzerland and his death
is a great loss to all of us. He led the Zurich Fellowship Group and
organised or participated in several Free Software related events. He loved the text editor
Vim and the mail user agent Mutt. Elias was very interested in Free Hardware as
well and contributed to the <a href="">Ladboo
project</a>, which helps to bring GNU/Linux laptops to schools in emerging
<p>There is no way to fill the gap his loss causes in our hearts. We can
just try to continue his dedicated work for freedom and fairness.</p>
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