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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html newsdate="2016-02-22">
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <head>
  5. <title>#ilovefs Report 2016</title>
  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8. <h1>#ilovefs Report 2016</h1>
  9. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  10. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/turkey-ilovefs.jpg">
  11. <img width="100%" alt="FSFE's volunteer Nermin distributing Free Software love in Turkey" src="/news/2016/graphics/turkey-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  12. </a>
  13. <footer>
  14. <p>FSFE's volunteer Nermin distributing Free Software love in Turkey</p>
  15. </footer>
  16. </div>
  17. <p>Sunday 14 February 2016 was a day to declare love for
  18. people we care for. On this day, as a yearly tradition, the Free Software
  19. community celebrates "I love Free Software" day to thank developers behind Free
  20. Software. This year, for the 6th time, FSFE asked everyone to participate and
  21. express their appreciation and gratitude to their favourite Free Software
  22. contributors.</p>
  23. <p>We gathered the variety of love declarations that happened on this day,
  24. including blog posts, pictures, comics, videos and more. FSFE thanks everyone
  25. who participated and who made #ilovefs day a success. Please mark next year's
  26. 14 February as "I Love Free Software" day to continue this nice tradition of
  27. acknowledging the people and hard work of everyone behind Free Software.</p>
  28. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  29. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/fairphone-ilovefs.jpg">
  30. <img width="100%" alt="Fairphone also confessed their love for Free Software" src="/news/2016/graphics/fairphone-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  31. </a>
  32. <footer>
  33. <p>Fairphone also confessed their love for Free Software</p>
  34. </footer>
  35. </div>
  36. <h2>"I love Free Software, because..."</h2>
  37. <p>Love for Free Software got expressed in many ways. Favourite projects got
  38. named and acknowledged during FOSDEM <a
  39. href="/activities/ilovefs/whylovefs/gallery.html">(see our gallery)</a> with
  40. users and developers expressing their gratitude towards projects their love.
  41. Check it out if your favourite Free Software is missing from the list and use
  42. the chance to say "thank you". </p>
  43. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  44. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/ilovefs-stress.gif">
  45. <img width="100%" alt="#ilovefs stress ball" src="/news/2016/graphics/ilovefs-stress.gif" />
  46. </a>
  47. <footer>
  48. <p>#ilovefs stress ball - use before writing bug reports</p>
  49. </footer>
  50. </div>
  51. <p>FOSDEM was not the only place for sweet Free Software love declarations.
  52. Social media and blogs were full of love towards Free Software, for example for
  53. <a href="">Emacs</a>, <a
  54. href="">git-cola</a>, <a
  55. href="">GNU/Linux</a>,
  56. <a href="">Chromium, Thunderbird and
  57. Scribus</a>.</p>
  58. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  59. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/linux-libertine-ilovefs.jpg">
  60. <img width="100%" alt="Tweet for Linux Libertine and Inkscape" src="/news/2016/graphics/linux-libertine-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  61. </a>
  62. </div>
  63. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  64. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/eclipse-ilovefs.jpg">
  65. <img width="100%" alt="Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse Foundation supporting #ilofefs" src="/news/2016/graphics/eclipse-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  66. </a>
  67. <footer>
  68. <p>Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse Foundation supporting #ilovefs</p>
  69. </footer>
  70. </div>
  71. <p>Our president Matthias Kirschner took his time to <a
  72. href="">acknowledge
  73. Transportr, a Free Software public transport program for Android</a>. Our
  74. German Team Coordinator <a
  75. href="">Max Mehl blogged
  76. about his favourite Free Software applications for smartphones</a>: operating
  77. system OmniROM, the feature-rich e-mail client K-9 Mail, or secure chitchat app
  78. LibreSignal, while our Coordinator for Greek team Nikos Roussos wrote a
  79. blogpost about <a href="">how
  80. to secure all of online communication, including chat and video calls</a>. Our
  81. Education Team Coordinator <a
  82. href="">Guido
  83. Arnold thanked developers behind a free firmware/OS for routers OpenWRT</a>,
  84. and our Fellowship Coordinator <a
  85. href="">Erik
  86. Albers acknowledged people behind Osmand</a>, his favourite navigation app.</p>
  87. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  88. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/tor-facebook-ilovefs.jpg">
  89. <img width="100%" alt="Tor facebooks #ilovefs" src="/news/2016/graphics/tor-facebook-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  90. </a>
  91. <footer>
  92. <p>Tor facebook's #ilovefs</p>
  93. </footer>
  94. </div>
  95. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  96. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/debian-tweet-ilovefs.jpg">
  97. <img width="100%" alt="Debian sending their love to contributors and users" src="/news/2016/graphics/debian-tweet-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  98. </a>
  99. <footer>
  100. <p>Debian sending their love to contributors and users</p>
  101. </footer>
  102. </div>
  103. <h2>Free Software is like love - it is about sharing and caring</h2>
  104. <p>Wikimedia Germany posted a <a
  105. href="">blogpost
  106. interviewing their staffers</a> about the role and importance of Free Software
  107. and its future, along with <a
  108. href="">Digitalcourage
  109. sending their valentine card to CiviCRM</a>, a Free Software contact manager.
  110. The <a
  111. href="">Freifunk
  112. community in the German town Magdeburg labelled their latest OpenWRT-based
  113. firmware release 0.34 "#ilovefs"</a>. And the Free Software students'
  114. association of Jagiellonian University in Krakow <a
  115. href="">decorated its
  116. university, featured love messages of its members, and also created two awesome
  117. memes</a>.</p>
  118. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  119. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/nicole-ebber-wikimedia-Ilovefs.jpg">
  120. <img width="100%" alt="Nicole from Wikimedia loves Free Software" src="/news/2016/graphics/nicole-ebber-wikimedia-Ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  121. </a>
  122. <footer>
  123. <p>Nicole from Wikimedia loves Free Software</p>
  124. </footer>
  125. </div>
  126. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  127. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/cryptovalentine.jpg">
  128. <img width="100%" alt="FSF asking to become each others crypto valentines" src="/news/2016/graphics/cryptovalentine.jpg" />
  129. </a>
  130. <footer>
  131. <p>FSF <a href="">asked people to become each other's cryptovalentines</a> by setting up private and encypted communication with GnuPG.</p>
  132. </footer>
  133. </div>
  134. <p>Several organisations and Free Software projects supported our campaign and
  135. advertised #ilovefs through their media of choice.
  136. took a chance to <a
  137. href="">thank the community moderators, columnists, advisors and the
  138. countless people behing the free software</a>. <a
  139. href="">KDE e.V
  140. expressed their love for "freedom" in Free Software</a> that entails everything
  141. from technology to people and social equanimity. #ilovefs also got
  142. supported by <a
  143. href="">The
  144. Document Foundation</a>, <a
  145. href="">Open Source
  146. Business Alliance</a>, <a
  147. href="">LUKi</a>,
  148. <a href="">Kolab
  149. Systems</a>, <a
  150. href="">Debian</a>, and <a
  151. href="">Xfce</a>.</p>
  152. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  153. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/wikimedia-cake-ilovefs.jpg">
  154. <img width="100%" alt="DESCRIPTION" src="/news/2016/graphics/wikimedia-cake-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  155. </a>
  156. <footer>
  157. <p>Wikimedia baked an awesome cake for all Free Software contributors</p>
  158. </footer>
  159. </div>
  160. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  161. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/xfce-website-ilovefs.jpg">
  162. <img width="100%" alt="xfce promotes ilovefs on their website" src="/news/2016/graphics/xfce-website-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  163. </a>
  164. </div>
  165. <p>#ilovefs got also featured in <a
  166. href="">LinuxVoice</a>,
  167. on <a
  168. href="">German
  169. Free Software news website</a>, in <a
  170. href="">French media at
  171.</a>, <a href="">in Arabic at
  172.</a>, <a href="">in Italian by
  173. LibreItalia</a>, and <a
  174. href="">in
  175. Spanish on</a> and <a
  176. href="">KDE
  177. Blog</a>.</p>
  178. <p>Politicians did not fall behind either. The <a
  179. href="">Member of
  180. European Parliament Julia Reda sent her love to Videolan VLC</a>, and <a
  181. href="">German Green Party
  182. explained why they support Free Software</a> alongside thanking Free Software
  183. developers.</p>
  184. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 30%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  185. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/reda-ilovefs.gif">
  186. <img width="100%" alt="DESCRIPTION" src="/news/2016/graphics/reda-ilovefs.gif" />
  187. </a>
  188. <footer>
  189. <p>Julia Reda with her love video for VLC player</p>
  190. </footer>
  191. </div>
  192. <h2>This is not all!</h2>
  193. <div style="max-width: 300px; width: 30%; clear: right;" class="captioned right">
  194. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/arabic-post-ilovefs.jpg">
  195. <img width="100%" alt="#ilovefs was also mentioned in Arabic blogs" src="/news/2016/graphics/arabic-post-ilovefs_thumb.jpg" />
  196. </a>
  197. <footer>
  198. <p>#ilovefs was also mentioned in Arabic blogs</p>
  199. </footer>
  200. </div>
  201. <p>There is never too much love for Free Software. <a
  202. href="">Baked
  203. goods</a>, <a
  204. href="">3D
  205. printed hearts</a>, <a href="">stunning
  206. artwork</a>, <a
  207. href="">endearing
  208. photos</a>, creative memes and gifs, Free Software
  209. activism, <a
  210. href="">love
  211. letters</a>, <a
  212. href="">self-made
  213. postcards</a> and <a href="">witty
  214. comic strips</a>, along with countless e-mails with personal thank you notes
  215. to individual developers that we cannot keep a track of (well, because we are
  216. not the NSA). Love for Free Software was in the air around the globe and we
  217. hope that many thanks reached out and motivated all Free Software contributors
  218. out there.</p>
  219. <h2>Don't be shy, admit your love Free Software - save the date for next year!</h2>
  220. <p>We want to thank all #ilovefs participants for acknowledging the importance
  221. of a hard work and dedication of individuals behind Free Software on the day we
  222. celebrate love. Mark the date, 14 February, for the next year to acknowledge
  223. the ones that were not mentioned this time. We also encourage you to say thank
  224. you in between whenever you feel it is appropriate.</p>
  225. <div style="max-width: 600px; width: 40%; clear: left;" class="captioned left">
  226. <a href="/news/2016/graphics/ilovefs_snow3.jpg">
  227. <img width="100%" alt="Florian Snow with a love message to Free Software" src="/news/2016/graphics/ilovefs_snow3_thumb.jpg" />
  228. </a>
  229. </div>
  230. </body>
  231. <tags>
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  233. <tag key="ilovefs">I Love Free Software</tag>
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  235. </html>