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<html newsdate="2016-01-18">
<title>FSFE's input on ICT standards for the Digital Single Market</title>
<h1>FSFE's input on ICT standards for the Digital Single Market</h1>
<p> FSFE provided the European Commission <a href="">input on setting priorities
in ICT standards</a> and answered to the <a href="">public consultation on the adoption of a Priority ICT Standards Plan</a>
which has been proposed in the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy.</p>
<p>According to our position, and in line with our <a href="">DSM
strategy evaluation</a>, priorities in standardisation must be set carefully.
FSFE believes following priorities at the EU level has to be set:</p>
<li><p>Promote standards that are open, minimalistic and implementable
with Free Software. These standards have proven to be sustainable,
interoperable, pro-competitive and transparent. These standards allow
actors of different size to easily adopt and implement them that in return
will guarantee widest competition of goods and services on the market,
and the widest proliferation of technology.</p></li>
<li><p>Use Free Software as reference implementation of the standard and
to make sure a reference implementation is published under a Free Software
licence, including all software that has been developed with public funds
to be released as Free Software. As a consequence, this practice will
contribute to digitisation of the European industries and an increase in digital skills amongst population.</p></li>
<li><p>Refrain from <a href="/freesoftware/standards/why-frand-is-bad-for-free-software.html">harmful FRAND licensing policies</a> in the field of software, internet
and web, as these areas have evolved and developed based on open standards
that are free from royalties and other restrictions.</p></li>
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