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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html newsdate="2015-12-16">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>FSFE needs your donation to work for Free Software in 2016</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body class="press release">
  7. <h1>FSFE needs your donation to work for Free Software in 2016</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">Lots of people and companies in our society benefit from
  9. Free Software. The Free Software Foundation Europe is empowering people to
  10. control technology since 2001. To make a difference in our work, we aim at
  11. 140.000€ in donations until 31 January, of which we already received
  12. 60.000€.</p>
  13. <p>Please help us to continue to work for Free Software by donating now:</p>
  14. <ul>
  15. <li>As an individual, please support us by <a
  16. href="">becoming a sustaining member of FSFE</a> (the
  17. average amount per sustaining members is 125€/y).</li>
  18. <li>As a company, please <a href="/donate/donate.html">support us with a
  19. donation</a>. You can become gold donor for 1000€/month, silver donor for
  20. 200€/month, or bronze donor for 40€/month.</li>
  21. </ul>
  22. <p>Our donors recently enabled us to achieve the following successes:</p>
  23. <ul>
  24. <li>We closed our six-year-long PDFreaders campaign after convincing 1125
  25. public administrations to remove advertisement for proprietary software from
  26. their websites.</li>
  27. <li>We helped end compulsory routers in Germany with a law that ensures users
  28. have the freedom to choose their own Free Software router. This should set an
  29. example across Europe, and we will support similar legislation wherever
  30. needed.</li>
  31. <li>We are active in the EU policy: our evaluation of the Digital Single Market
  32. Strategy for the European Commission was well received and we expect other EU
  33. institutions to follow our recommendations.</li>
  34. <li>On average we send out one promotional package per day. Our supporters use
  35. the multilingual material to inform more people about software freedom in their
  36. companies, universities, schools, in libraries and cafes, or at information
  37. booths.</li>
  38. </ul>
  39. <p>From next year on we want to focus on pushing our demand for <strong>all
  40. publicly funded software to be published as Free Software</strong>, and for
  41. <strong>everyone's right to experiment with their own hard- and
  42. software</strong>.</p>
  43. <p>To achieve those goals we will:</p>
  44. <ul>
  45. <li>provide training to our campaign volunteers in order to increase their
  46. effectiveness, and equip them with a greater diversity of promotional material;
  47. and</li>
  48. <li>initiate coordination between Free Software groups who are active on policy
  49. issues in the EU.</li>
  50. </ul>
  51. <p>In addition we will maintain our ongoing efforts to abolish barriers to
  52. software freedom and encourage people to use and develop Free Software.
  53. One essential activity remains guiding companies to move to Free
  54. Software by educating their legal departments to understand Free
  55. Software licences.</p>
  56. <p>Still, there are growing challenges: opaque international treaties and
  57. complex policy processes demand careful approaches to address software
  58. freedom effectively. We need to be able to keep up with such
  59. developments.</p>
  60. <p>That is why <strong>your support is crucial for us</strong>. So please
  61. support us as by <a href="">becoming a sustaining
  62. member</a> or with a <a href="/donate/donate.html">corporate donation</a>.</p>
  63. </body>
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  68. </html>