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<html newsdate="2015-08-17">
<title>FSFE's role in the Bacula project</title>
<h1>New role for the FSFE in the Bacula project</h1>
In April 2015, we announced a change in the relationship between Kern
Sibbald and the FSFE owing to the cancellation of the Fiduciary
License Agreement (FLA) between Kern and the FSFE which previously
made the FSFE a fiduciary for copyrights in the Bacula software.
Since then the FSFE has been working with Kern to find a way that
assures that the original premise of the FLA, to ensure that
contributors can rely that their contributions will remain as Free
Software, continue to hold true even when the FSFE no longer holds the
copyright to Bacula itself.
In an agreement between the FSFE, Kern and Bacula Systems, all three
parties have jointly agreed that any agreements that a Bacula
contributor signs with Kern regarding the copyright of their
contribution must include similar provisions as those of the FLA. It
also reiterates the continued committment of Kern to keep all future
versions of the community version under a Free Software
license, something that the FSFE in its new role will continue to
support and provide guidance for.
Over the coming months, the FSFE will wind down its previous role as
fiduciary for Bacula, effectively transfering its copyright held to
Kern. However, the FSFE will continue to act as a fiduciary for the
copyright of those contributors who so wish and will continue to work
with Kern and contributors to ensure that the premises of our
agreements, keeping Bacula as Free Software, are retained.
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