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<html newsdate="2015-06-05">
<title>FSFE submits comments on Reda copyright report</title>
<h1>FSFE submits comments on Reda copyright report</h1>
<p>On June 16th, the European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee will vote on a report with a number of groundbreaking recommendations for copyright reform.</p>
<p>The report was written by MEP Julia Reda (Pirate Party) and consists of a number of very sensible proposals to adapt copyright law to today's challenges. However, the report has also drawn a considerable amount of opposition from stakeholders who benefit from the current, overly strict rules.</p>
<p>The Legal Affairs committee will decide on the final shape of the report before the vote in plenary session in July. FSFE has provided <a href="/news/2015/news-20150605-02.html">input to MEPs</a> on a number of points that we consider crucial to copyright reform.</p>
<p>FSFE's input to the members of the Legal Affairs committee focuses on the following points:</p>
<li>The public domain should be actively safeguarded, extended and opened to authors who want to publish their work directly onto it.</li>
<li>Works (software included) produced by public sector should be made available to the public for use and modification.</li>
<li>Digital Restriction Management (DRM) should not hinder the actual exercise of exceptions and limitations. Source code of such technologies must be published to enable interoperability and respect of user's privacy.</li>
<p>Please help us to get these important recommendations adopted. <a href="">Call your MEP</a> or <a href="">the members of the Legal Affairs committee</a>. It is the best way to tell them about these important issues. Do not hesitate to read our <a href="/news/2015/news-20150605-02.html">complete comment</a> to be aware of our argumentation.</p>
<p>For further information please visit <a href=""></a> or <a href="">Julia Reda's website</a>. You can also directly read the <a href=";mode=XML&amp;language=EN&amp;reference=PE546.580">draft report</a>.
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