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<html newsdate="2015-03-24">
<title>Worldwide more than 50 events about Open Standards</title>
<h1>Worldwide more than 50 events about Open Standards</h1>
<p>On March 25 is this year's Document Freedom Day and,
depending on your time zone, it has already started. Document Freedom
Day is the global campaign for document liberation by local groups
throughout the world. So far more than 50 groups registered their events
in over 25 countries ranging from Asia, Europe, Africa, to South and
North America.</p>
<p>Open Standards are crucial to ensure that different computer systems
can work together, and that users can access documents regardless of
the computing platform or device they use. They are the foundation of
the Internet and the World Wide Web as well as all kinds of technical
<p>Every year, on the last Wednesday of March and the days around,
people highlight these important aspects of our digital sovereignty by
celebrating Document Freedom Day. In 2015, Document Freedom Day is
happening around the world beginning on Tuesday 24, 12 UTC until
Thursday, 12UTC. Following the path of the sun, the first events are
happening in Japan, Taiwan and India, followed by more than 20 events in
Europe, 1 in Africa, and more than 20 in North- and South America.
Taken together, all these events make DFD the biggest campaign to
promote Open Standards on a local level.</p>
<p>And Document Freedom Day is growing even beyond: In the past years,
Document Freedom Day achieved to establish a view on technological
boundaries and freedoms under social aspects. More and more, Document
Freedom Day is becoming a day to raise political attention also on a
national or global level. In 2015, different organisations will use
Document Freedom Day to publish and spread political statements. If you
are not close to any event or you miss the time to pass by, watch out
#DFD2015 in the news, blogs and media, participate, and help to get the
world interconnected in freedom.</p>
<p>You can still participate: use this day to invite your friends or
work mates for a drink or a coffee break and tell them about the
international day of Open Standards and why Open Standards are important
to you - and for everyone.</p>
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