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  2. <html newsdate="2014-12-03">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>Get secure with a smartcard and support FSFE’s work in 2015</title>
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  6. <body class="press release">
  7. <h1>Get secure with a smartcard and support FSFE’s work in 2015</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">Free Software Foundation Europe is a pan-European charity,
  9. established in 2001 to empower users to control technology. To enable the
  10. organisation to intensify its work with the European Commission and to let more
  11. people know about Free Software, the FSFE needs another €190,000 for its work
  12. in 2015. Next year, the FSFE will push harder than ever to weave software
  13. freedom into the fabric of our society.</p>
  14. <p>The new European Commission is currently setting the direction of its
  15. policy making for the coming five years. The FSFE is in frequent contact with
  16. Commission staff who currently see open doors for Free Software in Brussels.
  17. In 2015, the FSFE wants to use this momentum to push for changes on software
  18. procurement, standardisation, and device sovereignty, and create real progress
  19. for Free Software and Open Standards.</p>
  20. <p>At the same time, in 2015 the FSFE will reach out to more people, and go to
  21. more places where people do not yet know about Free Software. The FSFE will
  22. expand its network of local groups throughout Europe. The organisation is
  23. constantly translating its increasingly popular <a
  24. href="/contribute/spreadtheword.html#promo-material">promotion materials</a>
  25. into many European languages. Local volunteers can spread the word about Free
  26. Software by ordering gratis promotion packs, and distributing the materials at
  27. libraries, cinemas, shops and in other places, greatly extending the reach of
  28. the Free Software message.</p>
  29. <p>The best way to support the FSFE's work is <a href="/join/join.html">to
  30. <strong>become a Fellow (a sustaining member of the FSFE)</strong></a>. All
  31. Fellowship contributions directly benefit the FSFE’s work towards a free
  32. society. Fellows receive a state-of-the-art <a href="/fellowship/card.html">
  33. Fellowship smartcard</a> which, together with the free GnuPG encryption
  34. software and a card reader, can be used to sign and encrypt e-mails, to secure
  35. SSH keys, to securely log into a computer from a potentially insecure machine,
  36. or to store the user’s hard disk encryption keys. Since the encryption key is
  37. stored on the card itself, it is almost impossible to steal.</p>
  38. <p>There is also the option to make a <a href="/donate/onetime-donation.html">
  39. one time donation to the FSFE</a>.</p>
  40. <p>To continue its work in 2015, the FSFE will need €420,000 in total. The
  41. organisation has already secured €230,000 thanks to existing sustaining
  42. members, regular donations, and merchandise sales. The FSFE requires another
  43. €190,000 to underwrite its work in 2015.</p>
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  45. <li><a href="">Karsten Gerloff's blog entry about the FSFE's work in the last 12 months</a></li>
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  50. <h3>Also Read</h3>
  51. <ul>
  52. <li><a href="">Karsten Gerloff's blog entry about the FSFE's work in the last 12 months</a></li>
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  54. <h3>FSFE’s Funds</h3>
  55. <ul>
  56. <li><a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">Our donors</a></li>
  57. <li><a href="/about/funds/funds.html">Cash flow</a></li>
  58. <li><a href="/donate/hardware.html">Hardware donations</a></li>
  59. <li><a href="/about/graphics/sponsoring/sponsoring.html">Sponsoring graphics</a></li>
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