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<html newsdate="2014-10-17">
<title>FSFE is looking for an intern for Document Freedom Day</title>
<h1>FSFE is looking for an intern for Document Freedom Day</h1>
<p>Every year, the FSFE is organising the <a href="">"Document Freedom Day"</a>, a global campaign to highlight the importance of Open Standards for our freedom of communication, interoperability and indepedence from vendor lock-in. For this campaign, FSFE's Berlin office is looking for an Intern PR / Campaigning in full time from January 1st until March 31st.
<p>Your tasks will be:
<li>maintenance of the campaigns web page</li>
<li>direct contact with and support of local communities all around the world</li>
<li>taking care of our promotion section</li>
<li>writing PR texts for different (social) media</li>
<p>and this is how you can convince us:
<li>you like to support Free Software and Open Standards</li>
<li>you are at least in 3rd semester of a relevant field of study OR you bring similar experience from another field</li>
<li>you speak fluent English (speaking Spanish or French would be a plus)</li>
<li>you are a team player and you have a helping attitude towards volunteers</li>
<li>you like to work with Free IT systems</li>
<p>What you can expect from us:
<li>an international work environment out of an office in the heart of Berlin</li>
<li>a young and motivated team</li>
<li>room for creative ideas and solutions</li>
<li>flexible working times</li>
<p>Please send your application only digital to <email></email> (PDF). You are welcome to encrypt your application. You find the public key on the keyserver (8639DC81)</p>
<p>We pay 450 Euro/month and you receive gratitude by volunteers all over the world (priceless).</p>
<p>Application deadline is November 7, 2014.</p>
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