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<html newsdate="2014-03-14">
<title>Asian Legal Network launched</title>
<h1>Asian Legal Network launched</h1>
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), Open Invention Network (OIN),
and The Linux Foundation announced today the launch of the Asian Legal
Network. The Asian Legal Network was established to provide a leading
forum for sharing knowledge and best practices regarding Free Software
legal affairs, particularly those that relate to market participants
in Asia.
The Asian Legal Network’s inaugural conference is taking place today,
March 14, 2014. This by invitation only event - the Asian Legal and
Licensing Workshop - is an important opportunity for members to meet
and discuss the future of the Asian Free Software market from a legal
perspective. The workshop features speeches and discussions with
select lawyers and experts involved in GNU/Linux and Free Software,
including Karsten Gerloff (FSFE), Keith Bergelt (OIN), Linda Biel
(AST), and Xinzhu Zhang (Global Economics Group).
The Asian Legal Network complements the
global <a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">Legal Network</a>,
through which FSFE has been facilitating an ongoing conversation among
the world's leading legal experts on Free Software since 2006.
<li><a href="/about/team/gerloff.html">Karsten Gerloff</a></li>
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