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<html newsdate="2014-02-26">
<title>FSFE comments on UK proposal on document formats</title>
<h1>FSFE comments on UK proposal on document formats</h1>
<p>FSFE has
submitted <a href="">comments</a>
on a proposal by the UK government to use only document formats based
on <a href="/freesoftware/standards/def.html">Open Standards</a>
in future.
"We applaud the UK government for its focus on competition and
openness", says Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's President. "This proposal is
an example to other governments on how to do it right."
The UK government has proposed to rely exclusively on open document
formats for newly created documents. Each of the proposed standards
(HTML, ODF, TXT, CSV) addresses a different technical need. These
recommendations are based on an extensive study of user needs among
the government's staff.
"We are delighted that the UK government is using Free Software and
Open Standards in a strategic fashion. Their approach will likely
increase competition among suppliers, make public sector IT more
efficient, and reduce costs," says Gerloff.
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